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S02.E20: Wrath of the Villains: Unleashed

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Gotham definitely does best when it remembers it's a comic book show and just embraces the ludicrous. Apparently a guy in armour is just completely impervious to bullets - just not a BAZOOKA. I did like the fact that it was an Alliance of just about EVERYONE that took down GalAzrael (Bruce, Alfred, Gordon, Tabitha, Penguin). Have to say, though, Azrael's sword is a bit pathetic - that was a short, stabbing sword (like a Roman Gladius). Now while that was fine while it was the one that Dr Strange had to rustle up at short notice, but you'd think the sword for an agent of vengeance would be F***ing HUGE, not a piddly little thing (or that if he did use such a short sword, he'd wield it with something in his off hand, like a dagger or a whip - except when he used the whip on Bruce, he put the sword down!)

Since I've always been a fan of Selina in the show, I did like her here - fundamentally good but quixotic. Loved her quote, "Break IN? To Arkham? A highly guarded place that's packed with crazy people?" and I did like Bruce manipulating her into doing it anyway by saying that Bridget might be in there (and he wasn't lying, either). Yes, Selina was a little blasé about doing it anyway (yeah, a powerful guy involved in illegal experimentation and who has had Thomas Wayne killed will stop short of killing street trash) but I'm pretty sure she'll get away without getting toasted.


Danielg342 He had to be psychic to do what he was able to do. Not just with Firefly but with the police and the shredding of documents...they don't announce warrants beforehand

Except isn't that exactly what Jim Gordon did? OK, he's not currently a cop, but he definitely suggested that the cops were onto Hugo.

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