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S04.E04: From Instinct to Rational Control

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1 hour ago, kat165 said:

NotBeth, I'm thinking that the story, for the most part, takes place in a large city. I don't know how it works in Canadian cities, but in New York city different areas are broken down into precincts. The train accident with Beth would have been handled by the transit authority who would then call in their local precinct which may not have been the one Art & Beth work in.  Since those cops wouldn't know Beth was a cop information about the accident would probably not go any futher than their precinct.

Oh okay. Thanks for the info. That would definitely explain it. :)

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Sad that MK is gone, hopefully she comes back at some point. So are all the European clones dead? It would be cool to see some more clones of different nationalities pop up, mainly because I love hearing Tatiana doing different accents. Amd I always get excited meeting new clones. 

I am already tired of Felix and Sarah being estranged, even though O get why Felix is feeling pissed at her now. There is no way this new sister is what she seems to be, I am very worried about this development. But at least we got Felix in the main plot again. 

I really like that, in fact, everyone is basically in the same plot (although it looks like maybe Helena is heading to her own subplot), working towards the same goal. You have Donnie and Alison financing stuff and doing undercover work, Sarah running around making deals and yelling at people, Cosima and Scott in the lab, Mrs. S at the safe house, it seems like everyone is basically on the same page.  

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I think Felix and Sarah need to reunite already. I now think having Felix around as Sarah's bestie makes her more likeable, although the same goes for her relationship with Mrs. S. Her having those non-clone connections do wonders for her character, imo.

I love Alison and Donnie! Donnie is kinda the MVP on this show for me sometimes. He's so funny, and their marriage is hilarious.

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On 5/6/2016 at 11:55 PM, Valny said:

 Bye Helena... yet again!


The "funeral" was a sad, touching...funny scene.  Agree with others here that Helena's motivations for leaving are admirable (if misguided...which isn't all that surprising seeing as Donnie was her guide).  Yes, she wants to spare Alison pain.  Don't think she even takes into account that she also happens to be leaving Donnie and Alison to deal with, all on their own, the fallout from and, potentially, the consequences of her Portuguese Massacre.  Should Detectives Lindstein and Collier pay the Hendrixes another visit, we may get our wish fulfilled.  Alison may indeed have to impersonate Helena.  (This is how Tat gets me and gets me and gets me...time and time again.  I fully realize that Tat plays both Alison and Helena.  Yet I find myself getting absolutely giddy thinking about the actress who plays Alison playing Helena!)


On 5/6/2016 at 1:32 PM, Loandbehold said:

So, Scott's pissed off that Leekie never gave him a raise. We learned last episode that the entire timeline from Sarah seeing Beth commit suicide to now is six months. Scott didn't begin working for Dyad until sometime later. Which means he felt he was owed a raise after what, 4 months, at most? Damn, Scotty. Either you have a tremendously over-inflated ego, or a complete lack of understanding of how corporate life works.


When Scott made the statement, I instinctively laughed.  (Cosima's  barb, "Who's the science now, bitch?" was even funnier.)  And even when I thought about what Scott said and realized it really didn't make much sense (for the reasons you give, Loandbehold) I just assessed it as a bit of (as possibilities says elsewhere here) snark.  The writers, I reasoned, simply liked the line more than they cared about the ILLogic behind it.



On 5/7/2016 at 2:59 PM, holly4755 said:

is it possible that Scott was working for Dyad in another function,different lab? He could have just been promoted or transferred to the lab to work with Cosmina? 


There's been a theory floating around (and steadily gaining metaphor-mixing traction) for awhile that it was Scott who shot Delphine.  To which I protest resoundingly NOOOOOOOooo!!!  No...I don't think it's so.  And no...I don't want it to be so.  But if such a thing were true, it would pretty much indicate that Scott's been a mole this whole time.  He may have been placed at U-Minn as an interim monitor for Cosima after her transfer.  He may have been in Leekie's raise-free employ for quite some time.  His snark may have been more than mere snark.  It may have been a slip of the tongue.  But...NOOOOOOOooo!!!  I ain't buying it.  Scott DID NOT shoot Delphine!  (Or -- dun, dun, dun -- did he?)  

Speaking of the shooter though...


On 5/7/2016 at 2:32 AM, thuganomics85 said:

Hey, that Evie character who was hanging with Leekie way back in the premiere makes a return in that video.  Figured she was going to end up playing a part in all of this.


Does it seem likely that Delphine knew Evie?  And considering Evie's ties to Leekie (Delphine's mentor) and Neolution, should she be added to the list of Delphine's possible shooters/killers?  Evie might well have been aware of Delphine's complicated relationship with Cosima.  Consequently, Delphine's question, "What will happen to her?" would make sense.  Not suggesting that Evie definitely was the shooter.  Just that she might have been.


On 5/7/2016 at 11:44 AM, Triskan said:

 We really need to learn more about Helsinki... were all the clones there self-aware ? Or where they all regrouped in the same spot by Dyad operators and the girls had no knowledge of each other ? Was it, just like Montréal seems to be, a place where a small groupe of LEDA clones were living their life, monitored ? ... 

I really hope we'll get answers to these questions some day ! 


Most of what we currently know about Helsinki was revealed to us in 301 (more salient parts in bold):

DELPHINE: Topside is sending Ferdinand. He lands in three hours.
NEALON: Topside took action on LEDA before. There was an incident in 2006.
DELPHINE: Helsinki.  
DELPHINE: Marion briefed me... I'm here so it doesn't happen again.


We find out when the Helsinki Purge occurred.
This establishes that Marion and Delphine are trying to prevent another Helsinki.

FERDINAND: Argh! It's got nothing to do with Castor, this is about Helsinki. You wanted this! Marion is too soft, you said it yourself. If we didn't act, your sisters could expose Topside. Helsinki's the only option.
SARAH AS RACHEL: There are other options.
FERDINAND: No, it's too late. Be strong, huh? The Helsinki girls were eradicated in 24 hours. 6 clones, 32 collateral. As soon as you have Sarah's ovaries, put her down. Induce Cosima tomorrow, she'll deteriorate rapidly.
SARAH AS RACHEL: And Alison Hendrix?
FERDINAND: It's underway. The family chloroformed, followed by a house fire. Proven effective by the Finns.


This establishes that Ferdinand and Rachel are going rogue and planning another Helsinki.  

It also suggests that the reasoning behind the 2006 purge was to protect Topside and the Leda Program from exposure. 

Furthermore, Ferdinand's synopsis of Helsinki 2006 is corroborated by MK in the current ep ("You killed 6 of my sisters. You murdered 32 of our friends and loved ones.")

What is a little confusing is how many clones were actually targeted in Helsinki.  Both MK and Ferdinand say that 6 died.  Ferdinand does say in 404 that he, "...always suspected that one clone survived the purge."  But he's never been able to confirm it until now ("Hello, Veera Suominen.").  Which begs the question: did Ferdinand include Veera in his tally of 6 dead Helsinki clones when he was talking to Sarah-as-Rachel?  If so, MK's agreement that 6 clones died doesn't make sense.  She knows she escaped.  Had 6 been targeted, MK should have revealed in this ep that the real number of dead was 5.  But she doesn't.  She too says 6.  In which case, taking her own escape into account, 7 would be the actual number of clones targeted.  In order for Ferdinand's 6 and MK's 6 to verify each other, Ferdinand would have had to subtract one of the targeted clones from the death total based solely on his suspicion that one of those targeted got away.  Which would still mean that 7 were originally targeted.  As I said...a little confusing.  Well, actually, MORE than a little confusing.

DELPHINE: Shut up and stop squirming.
FERDINAND: I am sanctioned by Topside...
DELPHINE: To conduct a security review of self-aware clones. Not screw our product.
SARAH AS RACHEL (SORTA):  Helsinki's happening, Delphine.
DELPHINE: Won't Marion be impressed? Conspiring with one clone to murder the others. Now who will pay for this, hmm? Her? Topside's favorite pet? Or you, Ferdinand? Because they will kill you.
FERDINAND: What do you want?
DELPHINE: Marion will meet us in Zurich. You report to Topside that Dyad is secure.
FERDINAND: And self-aware LEDA clones, an essential evolution of the program. I know how leverage works.


Again, it appears that Topside's major concern here is the threat "self-awareness" in the Leda clones might pose to the cabal and the program.  I think this is the crux of the problem.  This is why Ferdinand has been sent to conduct a security review (although the fix is already in with the fixer).  

MK and Ferdinand could go a long way toward clarifying this and other issues concerning Helsinki in future episodes.  I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for them to do so though.

I haven't read the comics.  Perhaps there's an explanation there.  Like you though, Triskan, I'd like an in-show explanation.  Or better yet, an actual episode about it.  I used to think such things couldn't happen.  For three seasons we followed Sarah on her odyssey, garnering tidbits and fragments of the backstory as Sarah and Clone Club discovered them.  Then, out of the blue (as the skies of Lesbos), the Beth Prequel dropped in 401.  And suddenly an essentially untethered past became accessible.  (Subjectively speaking, I absolutely LOVED 401.  Objectively though, I thought it was something of a storytelling cheat.)  So there's no real reason anymore why an ep taking place in Helsinki in 2006 isn't possible.  Bring it on, F&M!  Until then though, Triskan, we're left to feed on crumbs...and speculate.  

Here, more or less, is what I think might have happened:

Somehow MK and Niki found each other.  From what they could initially determine, it didn't seem they were separated twins.  They dug deeper.  Found out they were both born via IVF.  Further investigations (generated by MK's apparently Salanderesque hacking skillz) into their IVF origins led to the discovery of other (Scandinavian?) identicals.  Contact was made.  Communication grew.  Finally the group decided to meet in Helsinki.  Topside deemed this dangerous.  And Topside intervened...with extreme prejudice.


On 5/8/2016 at 2:20 PM, Not Beth said:

Leading on from this, now that I think about it: How did Art and his team not find out that Beth was dead? Surely police would have been called to the original incident at the train station. And we saw that the body was still recognisable when she was in the morgue. So did the police not get to see the body before it was taken away to the morgue? Not even the forensics team, who would know what Beth looks like.


Wow.  True.  Never thought of this either!  Not only would the police have been called to the scene, but it seems the Homicide Division would have to have been called in to determine whether the victim had jumped (suicide), had slipped (accident), or had been pushed (murder).  And Beth's a HOMICIDE cop!!!  Not to mention the fact that the incident was newsworthy enough to warrant TV coverage ("Authorities have cleared out the station after an unidentified woman fell onto the tracks and was killed.  Now, witnesses aren't sure how the woman came to be on the tracks or whether foul play was involved....Police have not released any more details.")  

I suppose it's possible that Colin (Morguee) didn't personally know Beth.  But it seems, moreso, doubtful.  Homicide + Morgue = Familiarity.  We do know though, conclusively, that Beth knew Janis (the coroner/medical examiner...or head of forensics...or whatthehellever her title or position is).  Hard to believe that Janis never so much as saw the relatively high profile (again, TV coverage) body.  

kat165, your point about multiple police precincts makes a certain amount of sense.  Just not sure though if each and every precinct would have its own Homicide Division and Morgue.  (Correct me if you think I'm wrong.)  

Regardless, both Colin and Janis are present when Art and Angie go to the Morgue and witness Janis straightening Katja's fingers for a new set of prints.  It's apparent that all four parties are fairly well acquainted with each other.  Stands to reason that if Colin knew Art and Angie, he would have also known Beth.  Plus, the finger straightening scene takes place in what seems to be the same morgue (round windows in the wooden doors, round lights on the walls, large "viewing" window, a red bin or cart of some sort against the wall) in which Felix identified Beth's body as Sarah's (101).  All in all, it's a little hard to believe that Colin wouldn't have known Beth and/or that Janis never would have seen her corpse.

Thanks for pointing this out, Not Beth.  I feel pretty stupid.  By rights, when Sarah called Felix from the restroom in 101 and told him to, "Abort!  Abort!" the the whole premise of Beth being a Homicide Detective should have been aborted (or at least reworked).  Does it make me stupider still that it doesn't (not at this point anyway) bother me nearly as much as it should that it wasn't?


On 5/8/2016 at 3:27 PM, possibilities said:

Maybe MK has been assassinating the whole lot of "clone engineers and manipulators," one at a time.


Ambiguous at present.  MK's ritualistic behavior with Ferdinand would seem to strongly imply this. Yet in Marion's case, it doesn't seem to apply.  

In the cold open, MK seems to "discover" that Marion Bowles is dead.  "Look Niki," she says before adding Marion's pic to her chart and X-ing Marion out.  "Another puzzle piece."  Seems that if MK had herself hastened Marion's demise, that puzzle piece would already be an X-ed out part of her chart.  (Anybody else think of Cosima's Clone Chart when seeing MK's for Topside?) The Dyad Profile of Marion that pops up on MK's computer screen is headed, "Recent Esteemed Collegues."  She's referred to as, "Formerly on the Board of Directors."  The profile doesn't flat out say that Marion is dead.  But -- who knows? -- maybe MK accessed the profile in some sort of Obit Section on the Dyad website.  However MK makes her determination, her X would seem to indicate that she is convinced that Marion is dead...assuming, of course (perhaps incorrectly?), that Red X = Death.

MK might have dispensed with Marion if she'd had the opportunity.  But apparently somebody (quite possibly somebody named Susan) beat her to it.     

(BTW: Delphine's Security Level is, "Employment Suspended."  Rachel's is, "Employment Suspended Special Interest."  The Employment Status of each is, "Classified.")

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Haha, I love the slip from Ferdinand's actor on set, mixing Rachel with Alison ! Yeah, really telling about the character ! Alison is (at least in my eyes, sorry Rachel, no pun intended) way more fucked-up than Rachel ! ^^

Anyway, looking forward to tonight's episode ! 

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