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S05.E13: New York State of Mind

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3 hours ago, Julia said:

They do say it's based on the clothes in front of them, but at this point I don't know that anyone believes them. 

Kind of like the "blind" runway judging.

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  • 7 months later...

For me Dom was the clear winner this season. She's an artist, and she's so creative and can work with anything and always rises to the challenge, whereas both Kini and Ken are stuck in their comfort zone, have a very specific look, and quite frankly lack imagination, even though they are extremely talented dressmakers. Dom needs to do a little editing, and she needs to sharpen up her construction a bit but damn she's good. 

I also admire the hell out of Ken for being self-taught and for the progress he's made since his season of Project Runway. He has evolved so much and dealt with his anger issues and I really, really liked him this time round. 

I also love Kini, he's got such a great personality and a joyfulness to him. And he can sew like the wind. But let's face it, he's definitely more of a seamstress than a designer. If he spent a little more time using his imagination and thinking about his designs rather than just putting stuff together as fast as he can to impress the other contestants and the judges, he might actually produce less pieces, but better quality designs. Plus, he has some serious taste issues - he's definitely on the tacky side and his designs also tend to read 'old'. I'm all for referencing the 80s and ruffles and power shoulders, but bring that shit into 2016 rather than just making dated stuff. Also, he needs to stop it with the tailored dark denim, it's also dated looking. 

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