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S02.E02: Unger the Influence

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With the help of Murph, Oscar decides to throw a big party when Felix finally agrees to spend the weekend away. Also, Felix and Emily have their first sleepover.



Oscar's behavior confused me. To quote Murph: "Didn't you want a wild, wild party?" First he wants to party all night, then he wants to shut it down early. Eh.


Great episode though. the Felix/Emily quirkiness oneupping was hilarious.

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Yea! Murph is back. I was hoping he would be; I love Geoff Stults and still miss "Enlisted."

I think the whole thing about the party was to show that Oscar is no longer the wild party guy he was. It's a pretty standard trope, isn't it? Usually followed by "Oh my God, I've become my parents!" I felt sorry for Murph, who's in his late 30s and still partying like he's in his early 20s.

I liked Felix and Lindsay, but I missed Felix and Oscar's interaction -- that's the heart of the show.

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