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Smallville vs The new Superman (Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman)

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Hello everybody,


I've been off a little, but I wanted to start a topic about the New Superman: Batman vs Superman and Man of Steel (and how it is related to Smallville Universe).


I just watched Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice and found some easter eggs:




-Lang family is mentioned

-The meta-humans found in Lex Luthor's data base.

-Lex Luthor mentions his father several times, and the decoration of his office

-Alcoholic drinks also

-Perry White says something about: Good Morning Smallville

-The Kent Farm, very similar to the one from our beloved Smallville. Just a coincidence?


.....ANYthing MORE??


So if you want to discuss the movie or how it has been influenced by Smallville, this is your space.

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Well in contrast to Smallville, I like the Lois in BvS (even if she's barely allowed to speak)  I still can't figure out how a super powered alien gets blamed for a bunch of militants being riddled with bullets.  Doesn't the fact that they were shot pretty much prove his innocence in their deaths? 


Something the movie and show had in common:  huge clusterfucks that could have been avoided with a couple good conversations.  Another thing they have in common is over reliance on the audience's knowledge of Lois and Clark being in a relationship rather than good character development.


Sigh.  I had such high hopes for Man of Steel to erase the memory of Smallville's Clark Kent and Lois Lane from the mind of the public and I guess the two movies have done that but in the worst possible way, lol. 


I hear Captain America:  Civil War is getting consistently good reviews.  Guess I'll take my petty victories where I can find them.  ;)

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Well, yeah. Amy Adams (hey! Did you know she was on Smallville in Season 1 as the fat girl who got super skinny by drinking meteor-infected green drink and had a superduper crush on Pete?) was a really good Lois.


But I don't like Affleck; I especially wasn't interested in seeing a Bats who tortured and killed. Fuck you Frank Miller and Zack Snyder, and Goyer and the other dude who wrote that piece of shit.


And do not, and I mean, DO.NOT. get me started on who they cast to play LexFucking!Luthor. Did they even think to reach out to Rosenbaum? No, they did NOT. Because Clancy's just not young enough to play him.


And...and...let me just stop while I am ahead.

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I thought it was a little terrifying to realize there were some things Smallville did better. If folks had told me I'd be writing that six years ago I would have laughed and took their keys away before any more drinks were ordered. But sadly, that was thought running through my head during approximately 80% of this movie: "Smallville had a better Lex... Smallville had a better Martha... through season 7 at least... Smallville would have at least allowed Lois to get the damn krypto-spear out of the water without dropping a damn rock on her... " etc., etc, and how sad and sorry is that?

To be fair to the movie, it acknowledged that nobody buys the paper anymore and its Doomsday fight had way better CGI. And it had Wonderwoman. Also, as much as I dislike many of the actors they hired (Irons, Eisenberg), they did their jobs and acted, which could not always be said of the SV crew.

I would still rather re-watch Season 1 of Smallville, Clana barn scenes and all, than Batman v Superman again.

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Man of Steel and Batman VS Superman its the normal movies and also a great movie but Smallville is the season movie. I think can't compare it to Man of Steel and Batman VS Superman movie because it's different. I watch Man of Steel and Batman VS Superman and like those movies and also Smallville also my favorite season movie. :-)

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Opening this topic to all the movies in the new DC movie-going, a co-worker and I recently agreed that Wonder Woman was the movie we'd hoped Man of Steel would be: the story of an outsider super-hero who is genuinely compassionate and exhibits actual leadership.

I also think it's sad the Justice League sneak peak from Comic Con is reverting to one of Smallville's worst habits, which was telling rather than showing. The line "Superman didn't just save people, he made them see the best in themselves", was a head-scratcher, because I honestly don't remember when exactly in the two Superman movies we saw Superman motivating anyone else to be a better person (although granted it's been a while since I've seen either).

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