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Season Two Talk: Brand New Contestants, Same Old Bears

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Hubby and I did a day trip to Tucson's Sabino Canyon today.  We like to see if we can still function outside of our senior community, and since he turned 77 today, we decided to hike (one-way) the canyon.  We took a tram to the end, and walked out.

Met a gentleman and his son on the tram who were heavily geared up for what is usually just a 4-mile hike.  As we talked, he told us that he and his son were meeting up with a survival guide, and they were going to spend 3 days camping in the canyon.  He said, "The guide is pretty well known.  His name is Mike Lowe and he was on 'Alone.'"

To be honest, once a season is done, I barely remember who wins, much less those who tap out before that.  Besides, I thought the guy was saying "Mike Rowe," and all I could think of was that Mike Rowe wasn't on Alone . . . he was on the show about nasty jobs and narrated Deadliest Catch.  But I figured if it WAS Mike Rowe, I'd beg for his autograph.

Well, it wasn't Mike Rowe . . . it was Mike Lowe.  He hopped on the tram at one of the stops, so he wasn't around when I was discussing him with the man and his son.  He didn't look familiar to me, but by looking back on this season's discussions here, I figured out who it was.  Hubby was driving along and I started laughing and saying, "I miss Barbara, I miss Barbara.  That's the guy we met at the tram!!!"

My brush with a celebrity!!! (Sort of.)  I wish I'd recognized him so I could have asked him how Barbara is.  I hope he doesn't miss her too much over the next 3 days.

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That's cool!  I think a last name would have thrown me too.  If they'd just said "Mike," I would have remembered.  I don't recall even registering his last name at the time.

I'm impressed that your husband can hike 4 miles.  I'm just a few years younger and I couldn't.  

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I guess that i'm made of different material than most, cause I've been alone for many months at a time and it never bothered me a bit. When I  can be making a clear $3000 per DAY, I'd eat UP being alone!  :-) If you can be the first one to lose no weight on this show, you'll make another million $ in the next few years on endorsments of products, teaching classes, writing books and making vids.  You can probably write a book about your preps and your performance, in addition to a 'how to". book

Jose was starving, same as all the others. He was too embarrassed to admit it, since he runs a "survival school".  So he staged his boat incident.

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