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I am doing a rewatch and am on Season 4.  I hate Audrey and never thought they were good together.  Jack and Paul had more chemistry.  I hated all Kim Bauer stuff.  I liked the woman that Jack was living with in 5 I think.  She was more of a mate for Jack (until the lady agent in Live another day)  but she snotty son got on my nerves.

Kiefer needs to evolve into Jack in Designated Survivor.  :)

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I liked the woman that Jack was living with in 5 I think.

Connie Britton, from Spin City, Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story season 1 and Nashville. Probably has the best hair on TV.

From The AV Club:

24’s most satisfying season is not its most celebrated

I agree season 4 had a great villain in Marwan but I love a lot of the other seasons like 3, 5, and 8. Great discussion of all the seasons of the show in the comments.

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What season/episode was the one where Chloe and Jack are in an 'office' and Jack is blurbing about some sort of crisis situation and Chloe says something to the effect of "Whatever your going through in this crisis situation, if you need a friend to talk to, I'm here."


Jack blurts out a confused "What?"


And Chloe says "Never mind.  Wait, ok, here are the nuclear codes."



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I had always pictured season 6 to be about Bill Buchanan and someone going to China to break Jack out of prison, successfully doing so, and then running about a surrounding jungle fighting off enemies for survival....for 24 HOURS....

probably with Powers Booth still doing something, but still.

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I stopped watching the show on season 4. I always liked the concept of having *real* time events, even with the absurdities of crossing LA in 10 minutes, never charging cell phones or eating... It was fun and fast. But I got tired of it.

I am finishing watching season 5 now. Still fun and a new perspective of State sponsored violence, surveillance, abuses. 

But I came here to snark a bit. One thought: For a place supposedly gathering intelligence and fighting terrorism, CTU is amazingly easy to be infiltrated and to produce traitors. 

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Just started a rewatch over the weekend.  How could I forget how insufferable Kim was?!?!? The mom too, but at least we weren't plagued with her for several more seasons. 

Just made it to Season 2 and I can't wait for Kim vs the Mountain Lion. 


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I was about to post this but @blackwingbeat me to it. This sucks on so many levels, Annie was one of those actresses who never became suoper famous but worked for decades on too many TV shows to mention. To me she will always be Renee.

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