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On 1/24/2020 at 10:24 PM, amarante said:

I remember years ago watching a woman on television - one of those audience participation shows - and she was wearing her hair in rollers. I thought Good God if she wears rollers when she is likely to be viewed on national television, what occasion merits her actually taking them out.

I think the issue for Swedish girlfriend is that she didn't have the legs for any kind of shorts. Do people look in the mirror and think this is the best way I can dress to avoid humiliation? I mean God bless comfort and all that but I think most people, especially women, want to look as attractive as possible when they are being taped for posterity. 

Preach! Calling WNTW!

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Lisbon: She won! Ha, like it was really a contest between excellent place near work and The Flaneur, choosing where they'd go for dinner. Because hell, he wasn't cooking (in that nice kitchen). Handy that he picked up a little work, though, hope it pays around $300 STFUs a month.

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