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14 hours ago, Avabelle said:


just moving this from the media thread so we’re free to speculate a bit more..

At this point I’ve no idea who they’d kill off as they’ve killed/gotten rid of all the older characters bar Hank who they’ll never get rid off and Trudy who i don’t think they’ll lose as she’s so minor now anyway.


My guess is Kevin's Brother, as is usually their MO they bring back or introduce a random family member for the sole purpose to kill them off or torture them. 

Of course they will overhype it as being someone 'we know' and it will turn out to be a character we've seen twice in four years & Kevin will 'grieve' for all of two episodes & it will be forgotten.

So it's either the brother or some random character that nobody cares about, a bit like the total fizzer of a premiere this season where a character nobody liked or cared about is killed.

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I guess it's too much to hope for Haley to get run over by a taxi or something while in NYC...

I agree, Jordan Atwater would be a reasonable choice. Heaven forbid anyone in Intelligence have a single loved one that hasn't died a gruesome death. 

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