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I just finished this, from @SomethingClever's recommendation. It's fun! Does a really good job of blending lightheartedness with a sweeping fantasy story. I think I liked the earlier half of the run (which was more on the lighthearted side) than the last bits (which just became a big fantasy story not too different from any other, and got a little bogged down in more lore than I expected from something like this), but the whole thing was great.

There's apparently a colorized version, but I got the one-volume version of the original black-and-white run. The color version is also on Comixology if you want to pay three times as much.

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More added love for Bone! (I ended up with both the color and the B+W versions; not sure which i prefer more, honestly.)

What I love is the absoute perfect blend Jeff Smith creates of fantasy, humor, and horror, mixed with just a TOUCH of realism. (WHo doesn't know a Phoney Bone??)


He really kept the first (or so) issues light, and introduced the main characters in such a perfect, low-key way, util they become integral to the story, so that you actually care about them when bad things happen!




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*squeals* A Bone thread!


I'm a huge fan of this graphic novel!  I keep wondering when the movie adaptation is going to come out because it's been in production for ever, but even if it stays just a graphic novel, I won't mind.


Who doesn't know a Phoney Bone??



LOL.  Although to be fair, I do like Phoney.  He's a greedy piece of work, yes, but he has some redeeming qualities.  Don't forget when Gran'ma Ben offered him an escape route in the middle of the final battle, he said he couldn't leave without his cousins.  A very defining moment if you ask me.

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