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S06.E12: Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!

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As I've thought about it today, I have to appreciate what the much-maligned writers have done, because they've really worked a theme all the way through this season, and last night just culminated it. 

Wow! Yes to your whole post. Didn't connect the dots before but absolutely the season was about the surrogate parents each kid found. I really like how it all ties together.

Anyone else notice that Fiona kept saying wedding and not weddin like she usually does. She always drops the last g off words.

Fiona's random, weird accent is so annoying. The first season she was fully New York, then it morphed into Boston street-tough. Finally she got the memo about Chicago accents, south-side-specific (shoppin, goin, weddin). But then she morphed it again into something I can't identify.

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Deb has just turned into a sour, annoying, rag who I just want to shut up.


I've always felt that way about her. The baby thing just compounded the issue.



Hey Professor Daddy, maybe walk your charge in to the rehab place? You're such an experienced drunk and you don't make sure he goes in before driving off?


This part I understand. Even if the professor dragged Lip into the building he cannot force Lip to go through rehab - it has to be Lip's choice or it won't work. 

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Looks like Fiona will lose another job after a boyfriend breakup - she lost the sales position at the cup company and now that the wedding didn't happen , I wonder if her manager position at Patsy's Pies is done.  She can't win ! 

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Thanks to Netflix finally adding seasons 5 & 6 recently I was able to watch S6. What I noticed in this episode (and when Sean and Frank got into a fist fight) is how much Frank did not like hearing everything that the kids have said over and over by an outsider. Then here comes this stranger  and it offends him that someone called him on everything so of course Frank once again had to pull the rug out from underneath Fiona (or whoever in the past). 

That said I didn't care for Fiona and Sean. My little Gallavich shipper heart misses Mickey and I want to like Caleb but I'll need more convincing. 

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Hopefully the show will go back to the Gallagher kids together dealing with all the madness thrown at them like in earlier seasons . So happy it back in October this season !!!! 

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Lost Showtime so I was happy when this showed up on Netflix.  I enjoyed this season.  Carl, Ian and Lips storylines were my favorites.

if anyone was the standout this season it was The actor who played Carl who managed to portray him as a kid trying to find out where he belonged.  I enjoyed his scenes as he was trying to prove he was a thug and then the ones where he was trying to get in with his girlfriends family.  

Ians storylune took some time to get going but I liked that the show remembered that Ian was a guy who had a plan on what he wanted to be that was sidelined by his mental illness.  I also liked that Ian was able to see how far he fell and chose to confront his illness rather then deny it.  I think that was ultimately the point of the speech.  Ian reassertion who he is.  I also enjoyed seeung navigate a healthy relationship.  This is a kid who has never been in one before so seeing his reaction normal fate behavior was interesting.

Lips downward spiral was unexpectedly well done.  The acting was superb.  I am hoping Lip gets help because it has the potential for more stories.  Lip in rehab is an interesting story because it has the potential to compare and contrast Frank.

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Was a real dick move by frank, but honestly I am glad it happened because I just did not like Fiona and Sean together that much.  Dermot Mulroney added nothing to the show.  I never thought they had much chemistry.  Its amazing how a junkie heroin addict character could be so blah and uninteresting. 

Lip's story season long story was probably the best all season.  The role reversal from the start to the end of the season with the professor was very well done. 

Carl.......I'm glad he changed but honestly he looked better in the dreads than the long ass hair.  And I am one that typically hates the white kid acting black routine. 

Ian......his story just had plot holes.  He should not have lied on his application.  But at the same time, I really don't think its legal to not hire someone for being bipolar, just like any other disability, as he was stating in his big speech at the end.  Two wrongs make a right?  Not sure. 

Debbie is just stupid and annoying now. 

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Now that I think about it, I would think that the fact Ian was kicked out of the army for going awol, using a false name and trying to steal a helicopter would likely come up on his background check and application and have a much more profound effect on him not getting hired than him being bipolar. 

In fact THAT would be the ending I would have written.  Because we know he is going to do something to ruin his job their anyway eventually.  That is what they all do.  So the boss lady could have just said, "You know that's a good speech.  Now care to tell me about your time in the army.......Phillip?".  Then he just walks out. 

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