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S12.E16: When It Hurts So Bad

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Not all religious people are against gay people, that is a generalization. April has never said or indicated she feels negative toward gay people.


Hence the "let's pretend" and "theoretically" qualifiers in the post.  It was meant to be an illustrative example of the ways in which influence and control can manifest rather than an implicit example of something that we all know isn't actually true.

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I agree. We're actually getting to see a side of Amelia that is gracious, humble, and striving for emotional intelligence...it's a good side to see. I also hope that the Owen/Amelia ship has passed for good. At the end of the day, you cannot force chemistry and these two actors just don't have it with each other, bless their hearts. My wish is that this failed relationship is a positive jumping-off point for both characters- for Amelia, an opportunity to really stand on her own and navigate sobriety without the distraction of a relationship. For Owen- I hope this helps him realize that he needs to start dealing with and owning his issues and get into some kind of therapy- do not pass go, do not collect $200.


In regards to the Meredith/Will situation- I gotta say that part of me was really put off that they used the tease of "Did Will actually assault Mer in some way" to tell the story of Mer not being ready to move forward. Maybe I'm being too sensitive here, but it just felt it was over the top and it didn't sit well with me.

The sudden change in Amelia however, might be attributed to the fact that the actress was sick while shooting 14,15,16, which about fits the change in the character I personally noticed. I think she did not perform Amelia with the usual hyperintensity she usually does which I hate (all the grimaces)and also her usual weirdly strong intensity of voice was toned down considerably. My two cents on the sudden change.


However, I might be wrong, the upcoming episodes will show the truth.


I strongly believe this OA thing is just put on hold, everything about them copies Crowen from S5.  They copy scenes one on average per an episode.Even the scene from this episode, only Cristina in 520 was in the elevator. All the same gestures on Owen´s face. I find it insanely ridiculous to be honest, but it no longer bugs me that much as a Crowen fan I used to be,until he does not take Amelia to the vent, I am relatively fine.


Thorpe does not match Meredith for my taste. I think he looks too young with her. I also find him creepy,almost vampirishly creepy.


All the screaming was like you said over the top, I honestly thought he had forced her to have sex with him somehow.

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