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Shakira: Her Hips Don't Lie

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Love Shakira.  And not just because she isn't Christina.  Shakira is sweet and genuine and enthusiastic, and really seems to be enjoying herself.  She gets lost in her team's performances.  What a breath of fresh air.

Wait.  Maybe this all means it is just because she's not Christina.

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As a person, I love her so much. She can hang with the boys without it seemingly trying so hard. I just wish I liked her team and song choices as much. I only really liked Sasha Allen from her team in Season 4, but I haven't found anyone I'm really rooting for this season. :(

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I love Shakira, and know just how talented she is, but she just seems to dumb herself down for this show.  I don't know if it's the producer edits or what, but she just seems to say the same things over and over.  "I'm a girl surounded by boys", "pick me because I'm a girl",....It gets old.  Her choices have been questionable too, and I just think she is so much better than she is being portrayed.  She needs to step it up.

That being said, I still prefer her a million times over Christina.

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You're right, kj4ever, she does.  I noticed though that it's the same patter Christina gives:  I want to be the first woman coach to win, I know what it's like to be a girl in the music business, etc.  I'm guessing it's part of a loose script that they're given.

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Things I love about Shakira:  her vocabulary.  It is so damn refreshing to have a woman sound like the smartest person in the room.  Or, at least, the most articulate.

Things I like about Shakira:  she sounds like she knows about a lot of different types of music, isn't afraid to experiment, and doesn't choose all-belters.  (I'm looking at you, Christina.)  She seems very giving and sweet.  And, not that I usually go on about female role models, but it is nice to see a woman who is secure enough to be so generous.  And who doesn't feel like she has to prove herself.  And is relaxed around all the men, who seem to feel relaxed around her.

Things I don't like about Shakira:  she is sort of boring tv.

But, that said, I didn't know about her before this, and she has made a pretty good impression as a smart, stunningly beautiful woman.  That's not nothing.  Also, I am not tense about her boobs maybe overcoming their tape.

I didn't find her comments too repetitive this season.  I liked that she tried to sell herself as a woman of many genres.

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Shakira was a surprise for me on this show her first season. I liked few of her songs, but I guess I expected the singer famous in the US for "hips don't lie" to be more of a Britney Spears type. Shakira seems smart and charismatic and she has a very likable personality. She has become my favorite judge on this show.

I think her team is pretty strong this season and definitely much better than her first team. She and Usher kind of got the dregs the first time around because they lost most of the multi-chair turns.

Her two belters have good voices and are very consistent performers and her country singer has one of the more interesting voices on the show.

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FIFA brought her in to sing at the finale. That makes 3 World Cups in a row that she has sung at the finale of.


I'll miss her on the show this fall.

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