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Season 2

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48 minutes ago, deaja said:

I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I think Lorelai treated Max horribly.  He was far from perfect, but I think him snapping at her over the key is indicative of how she treated him - as an after thought.  He was supporting cast in the Lorelai and Rory show. (I don't mean the literal show. I mean how she acted.)

Very true. She did treat him like crap but he should have seen the writing on the wall.

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8 hours ago, peacheslatour said:

Very true. She did treat him like crap but he should have seen the writing on the wall.

He really should have. Lorelai should have too. If things keep getting weird between you and the person your dating. That's a sign you should break up. Your just not compatable. Especially when the first thing Lorelai says when he says they should do something during the fight at the end of season one is break up and he suggests marriage. If the person your dating first response to that question is break up? Its over. Max was an idiot for suggesting marriage and proposing. They both were idiots during the proposal. Lorelai clearly wasn't into it and she wasn't making any room for him in her life or Rory's. Being rude with Rory when Max stayed over and her weird reaction to going upstairs with him? Then getting into Rory's bed? Break up with him Lorelai! She clearly didn't want to marry him and it was very clear she really wasn't that into him anymore. 

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On 8/30/2021 at 12:53 PM, andromeda331 said:

Then getting into Rory's bed?

That was outlandish. Lorelai should have know right then that her & Max weren't meant to be.

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On 2/16/2022 at 2:05 AM, SJC said:

I am sure this has been discussed already, but the moment where Emily gets so emotional at Lorelai's graduation is so touching. Emily was just so openly proud.


Emily at Lorelai's Graduation.jpg

That whole episode is excellent. I know I've nit-picked it in the past, but it really is a good one, even though (or maybe because?) it involves Rory really letting Lorelai down.

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7 minutes ago, Hera said:

it involves Rory really letting Lorelai down.

Up 'til then Rory was oh so perfect.
Though I will say that not having her there made that emotional moment much stronger IMHO.

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3 minutes ago, SJC said:

Up 'til then Rory was oh so perfect. Not having her there made that emotional moment much stronger IMHO.

Yeah—and actually, given the Gilmore family dynamics, if Rory had been there, she would have siphoned some of the attention away from Lorelai—not deliberately, of course, but because her grandparents always saw her as their redemption. Without her, the day was just about Emily and Richard (and Sookie) celebrating Lorelai's achievement without any snarky or wistful comparisons to Rory.

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Couldn't Lorelai have both? The great moment with her parents, Rory, Sookie and Jackson. She's never had that before. It would have been really, really special for her.  I hate that her graduation day is partly ruined by Rory. At the end when Rory wants to go to her room and says she doesn't deserve to go out with Lorelai. Lorelai sadly points out that Lorelai does. 

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2 hours ago, andromeda331 said:

Couldn't Lorelai have both?

At that point in the series it was probably more important to leave Rory out of it. Show that Lorelai and her parents were able to have such moments for their relationship and not just because they all love Rory. Also, we had to set up the Jess kiss and Rory's Bad Boy phase so she had to let Lorelai down.

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