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S11.E18: A Beautiful Disaster

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I heard "ten beats in the last few seconds" - if "few" means 4, then it is 150 beats per minute, if "few" means 5 then it is 120.


I went back to check my memory and he said three seconds; wouldn't have had the precision if he'd just said "a few". And besides, I think for characterization they'd want his baseline heart rate low and his "stress" heart rate (for standing around in a waiting room, anyway) to be more in the range of 70, or at absolute most 85 or 90. My take is that they didn't really think about how the math worked out at all. 

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from the closed captioning transcript:

Usually you don't, but your carotid tells a different story.
I've counted 10 heartbeats in the last 3 seconds.
That's about 20% higher than your usual when you're under stress.

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"Beautiful Disaster" Well, CM got it half right.


Though Derek Morgan was never my favorite character on CM I thought he (and Mr. Shemar Moore) deserved much better than this send-off episode. For the most part, "Beautiful Disaster" was rife with all of the clichés and lazy tropes MESSer, and her merry band of misfortune makers, provide week after week. Much evidence of this has already been explained by your various posts so I feel no need to go into them in great length. It was so easy to tell which parts of "Beautiful Disaster" were written by Erica and which were written by the more capable Kirsten.


However, I would be remiss not to mention the genuine and heartfelt "goodbye scenes" Derek had with both Spencer and with his baby girl, Penelope. They truly came from a sincere place as we all know the tight friendship Shemar has with both Matthew and Kirsten. Tears shed weren't just shed by Derek, Spencer and Penelope. They were also the tears shed by Shemar, Matthew and Kirsten. And yes, I got a bit choked up, too. Aww, can we have a group hug? And can I be included? I'm little. I don't take up much space.


What else? Well, needless to say I thought Matthew did a great job directing, and I always enjoy his vision. Just as writers have a certain voice, Matthew has a certain eye. He better get more chances to direct or I will be seriously ticked off.


But still, "Beautiful Disaster" truly made me miss the "Classic Coke" days of CM, or as I like to put it, "the Chanel little black dress days." How I miss those PMS days-Pre-MESSER Schlock days.

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I will miss Derek Morgan, he was my favorite BAU team member. I did like the good bye to Spenser, and the tribute to Derek's "Little brother" by the baby's name Hank Spenser Morgan,(I think). I was a little teary over the ending. Like earlier someone said, he won't be leaving town just the job. But I know things after awhile can be less and less seen of each other, it just seems to happen.  I missed last episode, my VCR recorded the wrong one. Will have to watch on CBS.com. I hate to see him go, but am glad Chazz Montolo didn't murder Morgan. It certainly sound like he did when the team heard the shot on the phone. But I like how Derek took him down. His story to make Morgan suffer wasn't planned to well it seemed. I was creeped by the cameras in the hospital. Who helped him by putting Savannah in that room? I did not see how she got shot. I started when Derek was running into the hospital. i figured someone at the hospital was in on the case to make Morgan pay. I did like how Hotch told Derek about how his experience ended when he went after the killer.

Will Dr. Tara Lewis come back full time? Or bring back Alex Blake?

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