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S06.E10: Paradise Lost

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Mr. EB was one of those rare undergrad TAs and he was paid, but he didn't get the grad student rate. It was decent money (more than minimum wage) but not an exorbitant amount of money. He graded all of the papers and exams, so basically what Lip was hired to do. Luckily Mr. EB's professor showed up sober and on time so Mr. EB never got stuck teaching the class.

Yeah, when I was in undergrad, I wasn't even a "TA" to a particular professor, I was just a "Department Aide" in a department that wasn't even my major. But several professors would have me grade exams for them during my office hours. Not for upper level classes, but for the intro courses, me grading the exams was common. So Lip grading papers isn't necessarily that weird to me. Teaching the class, on the other hand, that did seem weird. But I saw that as a function of the professor being drunk and not showing up, not as actually being part of Lip's job description. 

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 BMW had a fake Philly college where all the characters went to, as well. It keeps the characters close and easier to write for the show. 


I have nothing more to add on this episode. I've said my peace on it and I'm here for the end. Don't know why. I know on these forums, I am sitting on a small, tiny boat with a few others who share my point but I am here. 

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Lip's school "stories" amounted to Healey rearranging his schedule and pestering him to pad his college applications with extra-curricular activities. And even that very minor story is largely done by the end of season two. By season 3 Lip regularly ditches school to complete community service and sleep with Mandy and/or Karen. And then, in a fantastic show of entitlement, shows up to take the final at the school he was expelled from, after being gone most of the year, with nary an apology to the teacher he grossly disrespected.


It's the same with Ian & Fiona.


After McNally disappoints Ian in the middle of season two, all of his military talk ends, save Monica taking him to a recruitment center on a whim. By season three he's turning down expensive military gear and only shown practicing military maneuvers once. The rest of his time is spent obsessing about Mickey.


Fiona stops pursuing club promotion by the beginning of season three, and Jimmy never takes a backseat to her financial and family concerns.


Upon his return in season two, he spends his every waking hour ingratiating himself back into her life, despite being married; to the point where they're a full fledged couple again by Thanksgiving. In season three he goes to great lengths to assure her they're a team, to the point where she felt comfortable enough to uproot the entire family to Michigan, to follow him, until she realized he had no intention of including them in his plans.


From the beginning, Shameless routinely has had to devote extended scenes to the various Gallagher siblings catching each other up on their lives because they regularly spend so much time preoccupied with their own relationships they have no idea what's going on with each other.


The only difference now is that the older Gallagher siblings love interests are unpopular.

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I don't agree with your perspective on the earlier seasons, Dee, but I also don't see much point in having arguments about old episodes in a season 6 thread. I think we just don't see eye to eye on this issue, which is fine by me.

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I thought they hand waived the Kev still being married thing by saying he never filed the divorce papers? The farcical elements of the show are mostly the reason I watch it - I don't think it's ever been completely realistic or intended to be. Like in what universe would a cop undertake a high speed pursuit with a minor civilian with them? It was funny and moved the plot along though (Carl looking at a Policing career) so it's fine by me.

My husband is sick of me saying it during every episode, but the actor who plays Carl is amazing.

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Agreed with the above-a paid internship is by no means the norm for undergrads. Lip doesn't attend an Ivy; he goes to a state school


I am sure he is supposed to be at University of Chicago.  And I may be wrong, but pretty sure it is an Ivy. 

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University of Chicago isn't an Ivy, but it's as competitive as one - I think their acceptance rate is around 8%.

I remember last season he said expressly that he got into MIT. He had that meeting with the recruiter in his house. This clearly isn't MIT but they haven't said University of Chicago either. I may have fused the two together in my mind and invented some kind of private MIT-esque school in Chicago for Lip to go to. I definitely didn't think he went to a state school.

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I am sure he is supposed to be at University of Chicago.  And I may be wrong, but pretty sure it is an Ivy. 


It's not an Ivy (there's a list), but it is a private research school, so if that's where he is, it would certainly lend credence to Empress1's idea that the school would cover his costs completely. My frustration with the show remains, however, because we shouldn't need to fanwank this stuff. 



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The name of the school he goes to in the show is the fictional "Chicago Polytechnic." I also remember the MIT recruiter and him getting into MIT...but I think they just had him to school in Chicago so it'd be easier to have him randomly show up at the Gallagher's house when the show wants him to. They kind of glossed over that decision. But in various shots of him on campus, you can see Chicago Polytechnic banners. Here's an example:




P.S. I think the actual campus they use for the outdoor shots is the Univ of Illinois at Chicago.

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