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S15.E19: Top 5 Perform

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I think so, I've posted while it aired.

Thanks. I didn't want to make a booboo.


I LOVE LAMBERT! Mad World. What an opening. I was .... IDK what I was.... and Im old-ish...


I like Dalton but that Numb sounded flat and I hate to say pitchy, so I'll say flat.... in spots. I thought Sprinkles said, "nub" heh


LaPorsha bored me and I'm so sick of the runs .

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I missed the first part with Adam because I was watching March Madness basketball.  However, I did catch Dalton and he was flat.  LaPorsha sings like whatever she's singing is so important (it's not) and I'm sick of all the drama and the runs.  McKenzie bored me, as usual.  I guess I missed Trent but I really don't care.  Who's left?  Sonika and Tristan?  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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You know that the crop of contestants cannot be all that awesome, if a majority of the posts are about one of the former contestants. If Adam had been a contestant this year, he would have crushed it. Obviously, I am biased. YMMV  I like Dalton because he is adorable. His eyes and smile (reminds me of Adam really), but his voice is not that great-limited range. He has a small niche and needs to stay in that lane and he will probably do well.

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SoS was good. Ok. I am a sucker for a song in a minor key. Well done, Dalton.


Did HCJ make a mistake in announcing a final save? Didn't they already just use it in the first half of the show?  Then he said "It hasn't happened yet? WUT? I thought it just did happen.

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Dalton is an okay singer (when he doesn't overreach--as in this whole month) with lots of charisma and a great look. No reason he can't have a nice career, especially as part of a group.


Adam Lambert has a couple of similarities with Dalton--lots of charisma and great look, but he's also an amazing singer and performer and very creative. I feel bad for this year's contestants when some of the past seasons' contestants perform because there just isn't anyone comparable in this (perfectly okay talent-wise, but just not great) group of singers. Hopefully, everyone will get the boost they need for a career in music. But of the remaining group, I think only La Porsche and Dalton could be names we are still aware of in a year or two. 


That said, "Sound of Silence" was really, really bad.  Yes, it's a beautiful set of lyrics, Harry. There's also the melody which is challenging. I don't think Dalton knows his limits, but this song sure exposed them to me. Way too much of a range needed from his voice and he was pretty much flat through the whole thing, unfortunately.

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Oh no. Lambert singing in a minor key. Im a goner. Not hating the white jacket. and the facial hair. LOVE IT. Oh let me shutty before I slide out of the chair. I love that man I don't care what he does, but that wasn't my fav song. *sigh*.

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Hey Adam! Looking back, there have only been a handful of stars on this show, and Adam is one of them. It's not just the voice, it's the look and attitude. Adam has an unattainable quality to him that you can't really teach. That said, I've always thought that performance of "Mad World" was overrated. Nice staging with the blue light underneath the chair, but the vocal was just okay. Adam's in the pocket when there's drama and seduction to be conveyed. Songs like "Mad World" show his limitations, even now. You can kind of see him counting his paces while he's singing.


Trent: "Counting Stars" wasn't a bad choice for Trent, but that wasn't a good performance. Trent's tone gets a little pinched and nasally when he has to sing a fast. He's a good singer, but he still makes those ice-on-the-back-of-his-neck faces and that's not good for a song like that. And "Counting Stars" was on the radio every five minutes two years ago. It's a better record than song, if that makes any sense. OneRepublic can do it, but it's not the kind of song you compete with. They should've picked "Love Runs Out", the lesser hit but better song, than "Counting Stars".


Dalton: Wow...I actually liked that. This is honestly the first time Dalton has sounded like he belongs here, in my opinion. The song and production kinda beat him. Again, Dalton's your guy if you want a radio-friendly version of "The Rainbow Song" or the ABCs or something basic. But like, songs about shit? He's basic. He's got a punk-rock look, but he's like the edgy one in a boy band. I'm just tired of him. Y'all let him go back to Texas.


La'Porsha: Great song choice! But La'Porsha's overdoing it. And they made her skip most of the lyrics. She looks like the daughter of the late BJ Crosby (Smokey Joe's Cafe..."Fools Fall in Love"...get into it). It wasn't...that good. She ruined it by doing too many runs and it sounded amateur. But they're pimping her HARD.


Empire is so overrated. Wasn't it supposed to be a 10-episode special event or some shit? But apparently someone saw $ signs so now it's A Thing. And these vaguely spiritual hip-hop songs where one guy sings and some guy raps and the guy who raps is hopping around the stage are tired.


Mackenzie: "Wild World". America, why do you guys keep voting for this bullshit? I mean, put MacKenzie in any other season and would anybody give a shit? I think he could be a big deal on YouTube. Maybe. But dude has no technique, and when he has to sing, it's whatever. And what the fuck is up with hair? He always look like he just got a noogie from his uncle.


Tristan: "Independence Day" is a good choice for her. For Tristan to be so young and pretty, she...seems like a bit of a pill, doesn't she? Maybe that's why she's never really caught on. Her guile and lack of joy ages her.


Sonika: Damn, Sonika got the Beyonce treatment, didn't she? I love Sonika, but I hate this song. Sonika's voice is really nice, but she has a thin timbre. She has a good ear for pitch, but Sonika has never come close to sounding loud. It's like, anything beyond a piano or guitar and her voice almost sounds like she was going to get drowned out.


Dalton: WTF happened? Come on, Idol. Get your shit together. Damn, now I kinda like Dalton. He still can barely sing, but that's what it is that I was getting from him. Bipolarity. I...kinda liked this. Moody, dramatic, shades of Adam Lambert. The lack of melody in Dalton's voice made that feel more honest and like a piece of performance art. Damn I'm mad I liked that.


Adam Lambert: this song is fire. I don't know about fake-ass Kimbra, but damn. Like I said, Adam's a star.


Mackenzie: ...and Mackenzie's not. But that song they played over his Sad Panda Package was good. Mackenzie might be a better songwriter than performer. He sounds more Justin Bieber Acoustic than Ed Sheeran. I did like that performance, but I'm tired of Mackenzie.


And Harry I want your goddamn ass to shut all the fuck up about lyrics.


Trent: OK YOU GUYS CAN'T START CRYING BECAUSE THEN I'M GONNA START CRYING. But yeah, that was a good performance. Trent's...gonna win.


Sonika: Wow, that wasn't good. It was her more outgoing performance, but it was pitchy. Why did she choose that song? She should've done Rihanna or something.


La'Porsha: This is 'Tasia Take 2, isn't it? Ugh. And she's singing this song...ugh. J. Lo's vagina has stripes on it. And she's crying again. I'm...done.

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I have to say I didn’t like any of the performances tonight except for Trent’s “Simple Man” (shockingly). I thought MacKenzie started out great on “Billie Jean,” but his voice quickly went to shreds. I can’t even remember what Dalton performed.


At least we’re rid of Tristan—who guessed that would happen so soon? Their comments to Sonika sound as if they want her gone next week to ensure the vote for La’Porsha won’t be divided from here on out. They're putting all their chips on La’Porsha and hoping the two white guys in the finale split the vote.

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I loved it when Trent said thank you Miss Jennifer. Such southern charm. I love him.

Sonika is a goner next week and I think Mackenzie will be next.

Dalton needs more power. I want him to be better but if he hasnt by now he won't.

I dont know why they have to show the sob stories especially La Porshas. It seemed so contrived including her faux collapse at the end. Is it just me but I was not moved.

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So on Sob Story Night, we have bipolarity, congestive heart failure, a dead friend (complete with memorial guitar), an abused single mother, and...Sonika, who can only come up with the story of her Idol "journey". It kind of explains why even when she's singing her heart out, nothing registers on her face -- she hasn't lived enough to really be able to connect with anything.


Regardless of who actually wins this thing, LaPorsha's phone will ring when they're casting the role of Effie in the next, inevitable staging of Dreamgirls.

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Okay, I love La'Porsha, so much.  I might as well give into The Frenzy.  I fucking Love this woman.  Dalton sounded really bad.  If I ever liked him it's such an old memory now.  Like I don't get it.  I'm so glad Sonika was saved.  For those who don't know, Tristan was voted out and Sonika was saved.  No more saves after this point (and no more drama).



- Wild World by Cat Stevens -- Oh Damn.  THIS is that song my parents adore.  LOL.  Was this Twitter choices or judges choices?  Can someone clarify?

- Billie Jean by Michael Jackson -- famously done by David Cook.  Actually, I thought it wasn't bad?  But that's one of my all time favourite songs and I had trouble recognizing it at first.



- Numb by Linkin Park -- I love LP, but what the fuck was that?

- Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel -- um, ditto?



- Let it Go from "Frozen" -- She was good, but I kind of always like her.

- (.... a song named Gravity or something?  Help me.) -- This was more "Frantic".  I don't think I agree so much with the judges that she needs to let go so much ;)



-  Counting Stars (sorry I don't know this)  -- I didn't understand this performance at all.

- A Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd, where both J.Lo and Trent started crying



- Ready for Love by India.Arie -- I loved, loved, loved, loved, loved this.

- No More Drama by Mary J. Blige -- loved it.  I think this song samples the Young and the Restless opening theme


Tristan sang "Independence Day" by Martina McBride and got cut.


Sorry, I like Sonika, and she's only going to get cut next week because she's a female.  I prefer her over Mackenzie and she's DEFINITELY better than Dalton.  (Well, I liked Jessica Sanchez and still do.)

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I always feel bad on these competition shows when they pull out the sob stories because someone inevitably doesn't have one and always looks goofy trying to make something sound more dramatic than it is.

In this case it doesnt matter because Sonika should probably go home next week anyway but it does always seem silly when someone's lack of a dramatic tale becomes a liability in a singing/dancing/modeling/whatever competiton.

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"Wild World" is a great song, and Cat Stevens's catalog, which one might expect from his own recordings to be very date-stamped as "sensitive early-'70s folkie" (Chapin, Croce, Lightfoot, et al.) has been surprisingly resilient into the 21st century with strong cover versions. His songs travel very well. But that Mackenzie cover was so awful that I am moved to comment. He sounded as though he had just learned it (which may have been the case), his pitch was terrible, and worst of all, he brought no sense of sadness or loss to it. He grinned and bounced around as though it were a gentle, lighthearted novelty number. Stevens, I think, wrote it for his ex-girlfriend, the actress Patti D'Arbanville, and it's an amicable but melancholy break-up song. Even performers who have done it "up," like that '80s reggae cover by Maxi Priest, have managed to convey what's in the words, and not just the words but the goddamned chords. Harry alone of the tribunal had any criticisms, and they weren't even the ones I was expecting, nor as strongly made.


Ironically, Harry's advice re: Mackenzie's awkward charm wearing thin over a long show was almost the song's lyric: "It's hard to get by just upon a smile."  


On a larger level, the saddest thing about the way this show is limping to its conclusion is that it doesn't matter anymore. "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" should be the last song performed on it, in fact. Maybe a group production number with a bunch of former Idols.  

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They honestly could've sent BOTH Tristan & Sonika home IMO...Dalton was boring, I loved McKenzie performance of Billie Jean, I also loved Trent SECOND performance.. I wasn't here for his first performance.

La'Porsha.... Ready For Love was so easy for her lol, I was worried about "No More Drama"....BUT I found myself hype when she performed it, she felt every bit of that..& so did I.

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I did not like MacKenzie's Billie Jean.  It's not supposed to be a sappy ballad.  It's a song with an edge, a little bit of anger, and a driving beat that conveys those emotions.  I enjoy hearing a singer change up a song and bring a new perspective to it, but only when that perspective is legitimate.  I didn't think it was in this case.  Slowing it down and taking away the beat made it pointless.


Didn't care much for Dalton's first song, but I did like The Sound of Silence once he got going and I was able to forget the smooth-as-silk Simon and Garfunkel version.  Dalton made it grittier, and this is what I mean when I say that some changes can help a song.  Dalton sounded angry and defiant, which matches the lyrics. 


I'm tired of La'Porsha and the tongue baths she gets every week.  Why doesn't Harry ever point out her endless and unnecessary runs?


Poor Sonika is probably gone next week.  She's a very good singer, I think, but I'm still waiting for her to really--oh, heck, I'm just gonna say it--let it go.  She always seems to be holding back a bit.


Trent's first song just went nowhere, but the second song was perfect for him.  He really does have a great voice.  The shallow part of me is still rooting for Dalton, but I would be very happy if Trent won.


Hated all the sob stories.  It's like that old game show, "Queen for a Day," on which contestants competed to see who had the most pathetic life.  I always thought a better name for that show would be "Top That Woe!" and that's how it felt tonight.  It seems tacky to look for pity votes.  To me, La'Porsha's song seemed especially exploitative after her segment.  You're made to feel like a rat if you don't want to vote for her. 

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I was a Dalton fan in the beginning. Now when I listen to him, I feel he is not good. Maybe it's cuz the Voice is back on, so I am judgy.

But I don't get it. Just watched where he sang "Sound of Silence" and it was so weak.

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Okay, now that Tristan's finally out of the way, we've got a nice solid death battle going on in Idoland… too bad it's only going to be for three weeks. And we lost Avalon and Olivia before getting to the point of solid competition threats *sigh*.


Best to Worst:


Trent #2 – Well he got the oddest combo of songs of the night.That was easily the surprise of the night for me. What a damn strong vocal.


La'Porsha #1 – Perfect song for her. The vocal was beautiful. There's nothing else to really say about it. Well, I would've rather have heard "Back to the Middle" instead after that. So I guess I wished it had been a different India.Arie song.


La'Porsha #2 – Love her. That's all. She won't win because cute boys, but I love her.


MacKenzie #2 – Man, I'm so cynical, but when did MacKenzie turn into Anthony Fedorov with the backstory? He sang bits of that with a level of vocal intensity and focus I had yet to hear from him. Nice. J. Lo earns a chuckle from me for the "Ghost of Steven Tyler" line at Keith's odd critique.


Sonika #1 – Here's the thing: she's stiff but she's attempting to move in a direction with the little rock/edgy look and sound. For me, that's a good thing.


Dalton #1 – The emperor has no voice. I mean, he's up against some vocal heavyweights, MacKenize simply outclasses him artsy fartsy wise, and he's a bit of a poser. But he's pretty.


Dalton #2 – The Breakfast Club version of "The Sound of Silence." His lower register is terrible. He's been off since the finals started. I didn't care for it, but it wasn't bad either.


Tristan's Swan Song – So Tristan did what Trent should've done on that OneRepublic song, even though I think Tristan probably would've done much better with the original arrangement of her song. It was so boring and lifeless.


Sonika #2 – I almost didn't care about her pitch issues because her staging wasn't awkward for once. She needs to marry her pitch perfect voice to the staging; it can't be one or the other.


Trent #1 – When he got that song handed to him he should've just flipped the entire thing. That was easily his worst performance on the show and could send him home. It did get a little better towards the end but it was just so damn gimmicky and novelty.


MacKenzie #1 – What the hell was that song? That was like watching a listless Jason Mraz.


Should Go – Dalton
Will Go – Sonika

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I think Dalton should go this week.  He is the weakest vocalist and stylist of the remaining contestants.


That would leave us with LaPorsha, Sonika, Trent, and MacKenzie.   For my taste, I look at vocal ability, tone, charisma/stage presence, and "musical styling" (for lack of a better word).


  • Sonika has a great voice but she's really shown that she is not as strong as past winners.  But, she does have a really pretty tone.  She's still learning about charisma, stage presence, and musical styling I think. 
  • LaPorsha is a strong vocalist but I also think she's not as strong as past winners, but I also think we haven't heard all she can do.  I also like her tone and just link Sonika, she is learning stage prescence.  I think she is a better musical stylist than Sonika and has more potential as a vocalist than Sonika, so between these two, I'd give to LaPorsha.
  • Trent and MacKenzie are far weaker vocalists than both Sonika and LaPorsha, but hey have better stage presence, better musical styling ability and nice tones.  They are good in their pockets.   I enjoy their performances over the girls' by a hair so I'd put these two in top 2.  Between them, I might give it to MacKenzie just because I enjoy listening to him more while I work :).


I guess I really wouldn't mind who of the F4 go to the finale.  Add it all up and they each probably have the same number of points ... just in different areas.

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Ugh, Trent was awful in his first song.


That scarf under La'Porsha's hair was just weird af.  But damn, that was great.


Damn, MacKenzie's "Wild World" was interesting.  I liked it.


Shut up, Harry.


Sonika looked *pissed* that she was i the bottom two.


I liked Tristan's "Independence Day

Nicola, the Sonika super fan, is a YouTuber.


Did she say "Let it Go" by Demi Lovato?  wtf?  Not very good, either.


They chose Sonika after that horrible performance?  ugh


I'd hate to think Dalton would crash with his bipolarism if he loses. SoS was just okay.


They shouldn't have brought Adam on, he just showed how none of them rate against him.


Damn, MacKenzie was perfect in Billie Jean.  Wow.


That was nice, Trent.


"Clarity" is such a nice song, and Sonika didn't do it justice.  I'm thinking she's probably gone next week.


OK, just give the title to La'Porsha right now.

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I'm almost out. When Sonika inevitably gets eliminated next week I will be. Anybody who remembers GoT season 1 where they unsuccessfully attempted to shoot flaming arrows at a funeral pyre floating away down a river (until the Blackfish hit it).....that's my metaphor for this S15 finale season of AI.


Nothing will make me laugh mirthlessly like a La'Porsha win followed up by Borchetta and Big Machine stalling, dragging their feet, looking for legal loopholes and ultimately never releasing a single single...let alone a full-length CD. They probably had to break the news to him ahead of time that they were axing Tristan so he didn't give up the game when Seacrest asked him about the "fan voted" song choices in between rounds.


Trent is alright. Of the five left, he might be the only one that I could see Big Machine actually getting behind a little. Except they'd probably make Trent go all in on the Simple Man side of his artistry that he showed tonight rather than the Allen Stone (more R&B) side of himself.


Dalton and MacKenzie. They do what they do. It was nice to hear Dalton recover on SoS a little. Unfortunately after I heard his attempt at Numb, I decided I would've rather heard Sonika give a random Linkin Park song a go (like Breaking the Habit), and let him try and Daltify (I can't believe I typed that) Let it Go in the first round. MacKenzie was pretty solid on both songs, but in some ways he's the most derivative of the five left because his lane in the industry is already so crowded...


Not really making excuses for Sonika at this point since I can almost guarantee she's out next week....I will say that Clarity is an absolute deathtrap song on one of these reality singing competitions. I've not heard a better than ok version yet. Something about the overproduced nature of the song w/ all the electronic keyboard driven stuff that works in tandem with Foxes voice on the recording never seems to help the singer out in a live setting. If you don't have a great lower register it immediately sounds weak from the very first verse and the chorus doesn't seem to give any room to change up the melody on those two phrases that are sung over and over and over. Hopefully she can take a page out of the Tori Kelly or Rachel Platten playbook and use youtube and other platforms to build up a following. At 20 she does have time to use this AI experience positively moving forward.

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Let me make this perfectly clear, I have not watched AI all season due to its lame duck status. However, after reading about the Top 5, I am glad I didn't invest my time on it (I'll watch the final two episodes, but will tape the finale due to work obligations). Wow, I don't know where to start, but I know how I will finish:


  • I'm assuming TPTB (*coughScottcough*) are manipulating the final two singers and are driving the bus over more deserving singers, right? I'm assuming that La'Portia and Trent are TCOs.
  • I cannot believe that MacKenzie has made it this far on the show when he was an also ran on The Voice. I thought he was pretty good during his time on that show, but he didn't connect the way he has on AI. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
  • I know FOX is hurtling this show off a cliff faster than a runaway train so their new cash cow Empire can return and score those boffo ratings AI used to get, but I feel that the big shots rushed this season so much that it feels more like the failed version of The X Factor. I guess FOX will never produce another singing competition show again after this.
  • I did tune in to see and hear Adam's new song with the Rooney Mara lookalike. He sounded great, but I can't remember for the life of me any part of the song at all. Very forgettable IMHO.


See you all on April 7.

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The Sound of Silence is a song that has one of the most beautiful melodies every composed, and one of the most interesting, meaningful sets of lyrics ever written for a pop/folk-ish type of song.  So, if you're an Idol singer who is going to re-imagine that song in some way, it's better to get really quiet and intimate with it, maybe not even using instruments at all, or get really loud and rock the hell out of it... like this guy did -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Dg-g7t2l4. 


Dalton's performance of SoS was very Dalton-esque, but it was neither deeply intimate nor was it edgy and in-your-face.


I like Dalton because I tend to favor rock/folk/singer-songwriter guys anyway, and he definitely has a vibe and an image, but I am not getting any true wow moments from him (like I did when David Cook or Adam Lambert performed a song during their seasons).  He seems like a nice kid.  He's got a great look.  I think he just needs a few more years for his talent to be honed and sharpened a bit.  But I like that he is not a cocky idiot who sasses the judges.  He respectfully listens -- or pretends to listen -- to what they're saying, while still doing his own thing..


Sonika is a beautiful girl with a pleasant voice that needs to be developed a bit more, but there is no there there.  She is not the bookend to Kelly Clarkson.  No way, no how. 


I was not really a Trent fan until he did the Lynyrd Skynyrd song -- which I loved.  So now I am torn on whether or not I want him to win.  He is kind of quirky and goofy, but he does have a strong, soulful voice when he sings the right songs.


MacKenzie also seems like a nice kid, and I really do think he is talented.  I think he should have a career and hone it a little bit over the years, but I don't know if he is ready to win this competition.  His performances are very hit or miss for me.


Side note about MacKenzie -- I watched his season of The Voice (that was when I still watched The Voice) and I vividly remember him.  He stood out to me -- he had something, some sort of "it" factor, although he was really doing more or less what he is doing now on Idol.  I remember being very surprised and disappointed when he got cut from The Voice, but I think his performances had begun to slip a little and he was getting overshadowed by the other performers.  Still, I wondered if he would get signed by a label and go on to have a real career.  


Just a few weeks after MacKenzie got eliminated, it was the holiday season and I was at Disneyland Resort.  I was walking around California Adventure on what was a very windy day, and it was not very crowded in the specific area where I was (Pacific Wharf, for anyone who is familiar with the layout of California Adventure).  All of a sudden I looked up and there was MacKenzie, with someone I assumed was his date or girlfriend, walking through Pacific Wharf.   They turned a corner and it looked like a couple of young girls might have recognized him.  It almost sort of looked staged or set up, in a way.  Then I lost sight of them.   I thought, "Well, I wonder what will become of him, and if he will end up in a boy band or something."  (Judging by his rendition of the Backstreet Boys song with Dalton, I think he should steer clear of the boy bands.)   I had no clue that, just about 3-1/2 years later, he would end up in the final 5 of the final season of Idol


As for La'Porsha -- She is a talented woman.  No doubt about that.  She has been through a lot in her life and she has pulled through.  She will go on to do great things even if she doesn't win Idol.   And yet, I feel almost nothing when she is singing.  I can't explain it.  Some of the Idol contestants, losers and winners, over the years have just done nothing for me, even if they had pleasant voices and images.  For example:  Kelly Clarkson -- Yay!  Carrie Underwood -- Nay.  Fantasia -- Yay!  Candice Glover -- Nay.  David Cook -- Yay!  Lee DeWyze -- Nay.  Jennifer Hudson -- Yay!  Diana DeGarmo -- Nay.  


I can appreciate La'Porsha's talent, but it doesn't give me chills or goosies or whatever it is supposed to give me.  It might just be personal taste.

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La'Porsha isn't that great of a singer. She has a somewhat thin voice and she can't hit notes straight on. Even with Ready for Love, she sort of added that one note and turned it into a run. I'm not hating on her for liking runs, but they're not that interesting, and they're used to disguise lack of technique. And I feel like La'Porsha could grow into a talented artist, but this feels like a coronation for her as if she has nothing to work on.

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I was so snarky about this show last night I made myself angry!! Trent reminds me of Scott McCreery and I can't stand to look at him or listen to his nasal tones. The judges complain that Tristan always sounds the same but that could be said about LaPorsha too - god she is so full of herself!! I think they've beaten dalton to an insecure mess but gosh he's pretty. I'd listen to him just to watch his face. Mckenzie is quirky... Did not like his twists last night. Bad season for AI. Loved Adam Lambert and his swagger. More please!

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I'm confused didn't Sonika sing that "LET IT GO" from Frozen?  They said it was Demi Lovato.  Either way IT WAS FLAT AND OUT OF TUNE.  Last night I felt like I was in an alternate universe:


ME: Sonika is flat and out of tune, Tristan will be chosen, she sounded great!

JUDGES:: Sonika you win, Tristan you go you sound the same you need to change it up


ME:  Dalton Dalton, all eyeliner, no voice.  And "Sounds of Silence"?  Junior High angst that is flat

JUDGES:  Dalton you went so deep and dark


If LaPorsha wants "No More Drama" she will have to change her entire repertoire of songs and how she sings every one of them.


I thought Mackenzie was enchanting last night. Totally charming.


So on Sob Story Night, we have bipolarity, congestive heart failure, a dead friend (complete with memorial guitar), an abused single mother, and...Sonika, who can only come up with the story of her Idol "journey".


Accompanied by a video from her COUNTRY CLUB!!  On Marthas' Vineyard where her summer home is! HAHA


For Tristan to be so young and pretty, she...seems like a bit of a pill, doesn't she?


Had to edit my post when I saw this.  THIS really puts the finger on what is up with her and her crying and her songs about bad times (then again, that is 95% of country huh??)  And I think she dresses old fashioned--like if a soccer mom was wearing the latest clothing.

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I'm confused didn't Sonika sing that "LET IT GO" from Frozen? They said it was Demi Lovato. Either way IT WAS FLAT AND OUT OF TUNE. Last night I felt like I was in an alternate universe:

ME: Sonika is flat and out of tune, Tristan will be chosen, she sounded great!

JUDGES:: Sonika you win, Tristan you go you sound the same you need to change it up

I've felt this way about Sonika all season except for her Bring Me To Life performance. People say she's a good singer and I'm like HUH?! She's out of tune or pitchy 90% of the time. I wouldn't say she's a stronger singer than Dalton, tbh. Stronger voice but not stronger singer. Mackenzie is better than both of them but his weakness is his limited range. But he can sing on key and on pitch. Edited by waving feather
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"The Sound of Silence is a song that has one of the most beautiful melodies every composed, and one of the most interesting, meaningful sets of lyrics ever written for a pop/folk-ish type of song.  So, if you're an Idol singer who is going to re-imagine that song in some way, it's better to get really quiet and intimate with it, maybe not even using instruments at all, or get really loud and rock the hell out of it... like this guy did -- https://www.youtube....v=u9Dg-g7t2l4."



Agreed.  Disturbed's version of The Sound of Silence is incredible, he NAILS it.

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Dalton was boring and I felt he had little or no emotion in both songs, did he even practice?!  Horrible.  Wow Idol doing their best to pull at the heartstrings of America with all the tears and drama.  The songs picked for them to sing were just horrible, did them no favors.  Mackenzie can go now.     

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Based on overall performance and vocal quality, Sonika was the right choice for the save, but I almost wish they'd sent her home for singing that piece of vomit-inducing dreck from Frozen.  I had to mute it because I hate that song.  (For the record, I also muted Adam's performance because I didn't like him much during his season and have no interest in seeing/hearing him perform now either.)


The boys really brought it with their second performances.  MacKenzie had two really good songs, and I say that as someone who a) never liked Michael Jackson and b) thinks no one should touch Billie Jean on this show after David Cook's version.  I wasn't sure about Trent's first song, but his second one was great.  Dalton was just okay on the Linkin Park song, but I really liked what he did with The Sound of Silence.


Sonika was fine on Clarity, but it's not going to keep her on the show next week.  She seems nice enough though, and I can relate to the difficulty being comfortable on stage.


I had no idea what that was that La'Porsha did for her first performance.  Her vocal was good but that was such a tuneless, melodically challenged song.  I guess India.Arie is not my thing, because I never heard a song of hers which I liked.  I cannot comment on La'Porsha's second performance, as I dozed off during the preceding commercial break and didn't wake up until the local 10pm news had started.  She has a great voice, good presence and seems likeable enough, but she relies a little too much on runs.


And let's face it, she's not winning this.  It'll be Dalton and MacKenzie in the final, imo, with MacKenzie winning.  LP might make the top 3, but I think Trent'll be there instead.


I don't think I'm going out on a limb in saying that without a judges' save to keep her, Sonika is going home next week.

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Because I accidentally had canceled the recording on DirectTV and fell into a rabbit hole of posting on other shows like RHOP, I didn't tune in until 9 p.m.-ish, JUST in time to watch Dalton sing "Sounds of Silence" and realize, WOW, BOY CANNOT SING. He's been getting by on eyeliner, googly eyes and pretty all this time. And I was psyched to hear the judges call him out on it, only to hear Harry compliment him ... am thinking his first song must have been REALLY rank if this was an improvement.

Stuck around for MacKenzie's "Billie Jean" which I pretty much liked because I pretty much like everything he does though it wouldn't make me go out and buy it (or even pick up any of my myriad number of electronic devices to vote).

Sorry I missed the others. Just to chime in on the India.Arie line of thinking, if someone ever sang her tune "Summer" on a show and I was watching, I'd power-vote for them just because it's a freaking amazing song ... and I would love to hear La'Porsha do it because it would actually be a huge change-up for her ... a light and fizzy and lovely tune that wasn't even released as a single off Testimony 1 and frankly should have been covered by Corinne Bailey Rae. Would have been huge hit.

Finally, thank you, Stephanie, for noting what has bugged me about Trent since Day 1 ... I really don't need to see his constipation face every week.

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