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S05.E06: Going For Baroque

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I guess we should count ourselves lucky that the challenge was not do a modern take on Baroque inspired by a flavor of yogurt or french fries from your neighborhood fast food chain.


I'm not sure that's more ridiculous than basing it on one of the jousters from a restaurant which dresses its servers in ren fayre tavern wench wear. Although I suspect that the actual basis of the challenge is that Marchesa's baroque collection did better than a few they've done since, so they're getting some free publicity for their trip back to the well.

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Re-watching last episode while waiting for tonight.  I love Sam, Asha, Layana, Dom, and Ken.  Dislike Valerie, Kini, Emily, and Mitchell. Right call on loser.  I liked Dom for the win.  Not baroque, but beautiful, avant-guard, fashion-forward.


ETA:  Judges==you are giving me Breakfast at Tiffany's.  That's a GOOD thing. Alexander's looked Old Hollywood.  Judges--we loved Valerie.  I thought it looked like a prom dress you would buy at Walmart's or Kohl's.  Obv I have poor fashion taste.  I also loved Layana's look and thought it would look great on me, and many other women.

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I also really liked Layana's dress.  I had thought she was going to be in the top and was shocked when the judges started cutting her dress down.  All I got was they didn't like the colour scheme. Sure its not everyone's taste, but I like odd combinations as long as they work, and I liked the mustard yellow with dark burgundy.  But also, what should have kept her at least safe was that she actually embraced the theme of the challenge AND her design was not simple and she managed to finish it and her sewing was impeccable.  Her personality and voice can be like nails on a chalkboard but she definitely has talent.

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