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S11.E17: The Sandman

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Oh, ITA. But he's been with the show since the beginning and deserves a great send-off. However, I think he and I (and obv, the writers) disagree with what a "great send-off" means. So at this point, I'm all "enough, already!" and no longer care whether he lives or dies, because I can't stand this arc.

The combination of his acting + plus the writing for his centric episodes just leaves me cold and cringing. I love me some Derek Morgan, but this is really pushing it.

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I noticed that the lady (officer?) had the same line as Hotch, so maybe its just a make-up thing? I found it a little distracting, but she wasn't very worth paying attention to. 


The episode felt really fast, I had to double check and make sure I was watching it at the right speed. 


I found Reids talk with Morgan cringe-y, but most Reid 3.0 lines things are cringe worthy. 


I laughed a little at the start when the unsub pulled out the pouch of sand, it reminded me of Dale from the show King of the Hill who sometimes yells "Pocket Sand!" and throws it in peoples eyes for self-defence. 


I'm happy we didn't actually have to see Derek's wedding.


Which I'm sure was held in Rossi's backyard.

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