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S02.E14: Wrath Of The Villains: This Ball Of Mud And Meanness

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Have to agree that I'm losing interest/empathy for Jim Gordon - after throwing Penguin to the wolves last week, he seems uninterested in somebody who he knew going missing. Though I'm pretty sure, even in the legal wilderness that is Gotham, the criminally insane that get "cured" aren't just set free on one man's say so. At least it might explain why Gotham portrays Penguin as psychotically dangerous when standard canon shows him as one of the least murderous of Batman's Rogues Gallery - Hugo Strange brainwashed him into non-violence.



VCRTracking Wondering what Hugo Strange's plans for Oswald are. Is it a "Manchurian Candidate" brainwash situation?



Maybe? Given the fact that he was projecting Oswald killing his mother, presumably it will involve murdering somebody. No idea who, though. Was slightly surprised his assistant survived - pointing out that you know some of their secrets is rarely rewarded with anything other than death.


At least Baby Bats is proving more interesting. He showed some serious balls going up to the killer like that, even if he needs to learn to just shut up at times (seriously Bruce: Alfred told you he'd do the talking - let him speak and only intervene if it looks like it's all going wrong), though given (Big) Bats taciturn nature, at least that's something he does learn. He also would do well to listen to Alfred when he's teaching him to fight - good lesson in outlasting your opponent. Also loved his "Cupcake - I suspect there's irony at play there."


AAEBoiler All in all, this was a good episode. However, it seems like it would've been a good "end of season" episode with Selina leading Bruce out to live on the streets.



Agreed. I can see Alfred letting him go but shadowing Bruce to see he doesn't come to harm.

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