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S11.E10: The Gang Goes To Hell: Part 2

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Season finale time!


While facing eminent death, Charlie, Mac, Dee, Dennis and Frank finally get real with one another.


I'd put money that they do go to Hell, but it turns out it was Paddy's the whole time. Or just Philadelphia.


ETA: I should have known the Gang wasn't dead. Good episode, though . . .they come close to having a genuine moment as they wait to die, then they try to kill each other in order to survive. Par for the course with those five. And I don't think Mac will be "out" next season. He's going to be repressing harder than ever.

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Dennis' serial killer persona took a bit of a knock tonight. First, he calms Charlie down and says something about it being something he had worked on with him, even though you never see that pairing alone on the show; encourages the group that it only took 4 1/2 hours to come to a consensus, cutting their normal time in half; tries to support Mac after upsetting him, even though it took an onion; and told Dee he loved her when he thought he was dying.


I'm wondering if they are setting him up for a bit of a change next season, along with the Mac is/is not gay storyline.  Going from holding hands to shoving each other down while trying to escape was so the group though. Oh Sunny, don't change much. 

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I had to laugh at the fact that Mac is (seemingly) ok with being gay, as long as there's no God. Its like he gets its not a choice, but for the wrong reasons - lol.

Plus Dennis's line "Look, when you're having gay sex you can be the top, but in this situation you and I are on the bottom!"

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Not my favorite episode, but an OK season finale.

At least a more upbeat view of the gang for the most part than some prior season finales where they burn down apartments and leave people to potentially die.

The group under water reminded me of Toy Story 3 when they were all about to be burned in the garbage dump

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Wow, I am surprised that so many people didn't like this episode.  I thought it was one of the funniest of the series, and I'm a die-hard Sunny fan.  I've seen every episode about 50 times (except the new season, probably just 5 a piece, expect for the suburbs one, I've probably watched that at least 20 times now).

I thought it really showcased how the gang doesn't need any other supporting cast to do a fantastic episode.

I loved the fact Dennis gave a "heartfelt" apology to Mac, it was pretty emotional, then Charlie spots the onion.  It brings you right back to the kind of people they are.  

I also think Dennis saying he loved Dee as they were about to die, and Dee saying whatever as she goes to die is perfect.  Dennis has always gotten the better opportunities, so he would be more willing to forgive and say he loves Dee, but Dee has always gotten shit on, and she knows he is basically heartless, so she goes, "whatever."  Perfectly fit for Sunny.

The scene of them fighting to get out of the water is one of the funniest moments of Sunny to me.  Charlie stepped on Mac's head, and when Mac starts punching Dennis in the ribs I just lose it.  That is brilliant.  

This season showed me Sunny is totally still new, fresh and hilarious.  

(yes, I'm obsessed)

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