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S02.E13: Wrath Of The Villains: A Dead Man Feels No Cold

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My favorite scene this week was Bruce's conversation with Lee.  That kid is so intense.  It's quite intriguing to watch, though the kill-the-assassin plotline seems a little predictable.


There was a bit of parallel between what Nora was saying about Mr. Freeze, and the situation with Lee/Gordon but also Alfred/Bruce... seeing someone going too far and doing nothing about it.  I want to like Jim, but this is no growth, and of course he's not going to listen to Lee.  It's too obvious.  The Writers need to think a little more about what they want Jim's journey to be.  


Penguin in the prison bored me.  

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I guess the Penguin learned a valuable lesson: never get yourself committed to a mental hospital (especially Arkham!) because you have even less control over your life than in a real prison and you have no fixed date for release (generally). Unless he was actually going to get executed, at least in a regular prison there are much easier ways of getting you out (legally) and as a guy (presumably) with access to significant funds, it's much easier to remain free by throwing money at the problem. Of course, Jim was REALLY dumb to throw him to the wolves when Penguin asked for his help: seriously Jim, learn to say the phrase "I'll see what I can do" - it promises action without actually meaning anything (I presume he's too honest to actually do nothing if he said that, but he could at least talk to Dr Strange about Penguin's treatment).


Unlike Danielg342, I did find Dr Fries sympathetic, but a Tragic Villain, while sympathetic, is still a villain. I was seriously concerned for Lee at the end when he discovered his wife had died because he'd suddenly lost his last Morality Tether, but I guess killing a pregnant woman is still a step too far. And thanks, Biggie B - I couldn't think who "Mr Freeze" looked like - Billie Idol! (or I guess Spike from Buffy, but he was modelled on Billy Idol).


As for Dr Strange, I do love me an enthusiastic villain, particularly one who is both intelligent and pragmatic. Too often villains break their word just because they can and usually come to regret it later when the meet some righteous revenge, but Strange kept his word to Victor and helped him escape as he said he would. Now he's done right by Victor he's also got him right at his mercy: presumed dead and unable to leave a meat locker without dying - the perfect position to manipulate him to his will.


thuganomics85 Bullock continues to have the best lines.  I loved his "Nooooo." to Barnes asking if he had a better plan, and him telling Jim to tell Leslie himself



It's a shame we seem to be getting less Bullock this Season, because he seems to be the Cassandra of the GCPD for now. And he was quite right: if Jim wants to put his lady's patient at risk, it's not Bullock that should face the music - tell her yourself!


Telepath One second he looks like a young teenager boy, the next he's a goddamn Sith lord.



Absolutely agree that he showed the darkness that resides within Batman. I can't decide if he's actually going to kill "Matches" Malone, Alfred (or Cat?) will or if he'll have him confess to the authorities - which would probably mean the person who hired him (I guess he was a hired gun) will probably bump him off to stop him talking, keeping all the "Good Guys" hands clean on this one.

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