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28 minutes ago, alexvillage said:

I also see that there are more Hispanic people than the average (again, from my very limited knowledge of TV shows). And I don't think it was pointed out that Henry Ian Cusick is also Hispanic (Peruvian, mother also Peruvian). 

They never address these things in the show, because yeah, they're very proud of their "colorblind" casting. I think we only know from the 100 writers' Twitters that Bellamy and Octavia are supposed to have different dads, since Bellamy is played by the actor who is half-Filipino.

My impression that even though the writers have right idea but they still end up with many unfortunate implications (as you mentioned, the accidental colonialism theme I don't think Jason Rothenberg, the EP, considers) and racist undertones (non-white characters from lower class in season 3 are shown as mindless aggressors, two white privileged women are shown to be forces of order and goodness).

37 minutes ago, alexvillage said:

Since you mentioned Clarke, why, oh why do people believe she is a leader. She is the worst of the worst. 

I'm not sure. I find the writing for her for last two seasons atrocious and nonsensical because they stopped showing her inner life like, in season 2. They make her lie, manipulate and hurt people, even people she supposedly cares about, and that's just not a character I can root for.

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I'm kind of curious what stopped Priamfaya 2.0 (or how ever it is spelled) from looping the planet a few times and taking out Clarke's hidden valley on the 2nd or 3rd time.

All the nuclear reactors that melted down that caused this 2nd iteration of world wide disaster just wouldn't stop melting down -- they are going to be throwing off radiation for thousands of years.

And how does Clarke's valley manage to escape from radioactive ash/fallout from the incineration going on all around the valley.  Were the wind patterns always in her favor -- over 5 years ?


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9 hours ago, ottoDbusdriver said:

And how does Clarke's valley manage to escape from radioactive ash/fallout from the incineration going on all around the valley.  Were the wind patterns always in her favor -- over 5 years ?

The answer is "Because reasons". According to The 100 Wondercon 2018 Jason Rothenberg panel mentioned on Reddit:


The show doesn't really go into why the valley survived other than the fact that the deathwave jumped over it. Jason joked that they're "lucky it happens to be within walking distance".

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I would've liked to see Clarke wake up in Becca's Lab. That map, shovel, backpack and food supplies all came out of nowhere. I'm also kinda sad they threw away Becca's Lab set after only 9 episodes, which is a record for this show. Praimfaya is obviously magic and works in mysterious ways but it still bothers me that the writers never addressed why her lab which looked like a bunker couldn't function as a one except when it sheltered Clarke. I think a smarter choice would've been to have her run to the Lighthouse Bunker (which hasn't been seen on the inside since 301) and wake up there. I'm sure that bachelor pad had some guns in there too. Maybe if that motorcycle was electric, she could've used that too.

There's no way the sea can just evaporate but what's weird is that they parked Rover 1 at Luna's extraction point which is way down south of where it actually should be. Also how come the desert storm that engulfed the rover with sand didn't do any damage but the one that Clarke ran into (which for some reason also has lightning in it) completely broke the solar panels, which Clarke magically fixed (along with the radio) with no technical knowhow. PS Has anyone else noticed that the solar field that she plotted a course to, isn't actually the one we first see on the map in the beginning of the episode (the one from 214) but is totally new. I've had this theory for a long time that that's what's actually powering the bunker (since everything else makes no sense).

Anyway what I would've done is removed the opening shot that goes through the Go-Sci ring (and reused it in reverse later in the episode) and show Clarke waking up, gathering her surroundings, searching the island for any useful remains (in Becca's house for example) and then traveling the sea by a boat until finding the Rover in some makeshift garage or something. Some of this I blame on 413 but some is on 501.

But the thing that by far bothers me the most about the episode is the clunky Spacekru exposition. I went back and watched those scenes like 30 times to figure out exactly what was wrong with them. The opening scene is definitely the most problematic as it just has too many things happening at (conveniently) once. All the exposition after that fight scene was unnecessary in this episode and obviously felt forced. The rest is much more... fluent I guess. There are some minor annoyances with the Becho scene, which would be better if it was 15-30 seconds shorter to cut down on unnecessary dialogue and exposition.


Reddit is also confused by The 100's science fail and bad continuity.

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