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Now all three main Braxtons have gone to London.  I wonder if in real life the UK would allow the two of them with criminal records to come into the country.  

Brax is trying to get Ricky back after he unceremoniously dumped her for her own good because he was going to be in jail for a long time.  Naturally, he got out unexpectedly.  Ricky would be nuts to go back to him when now she and a handsome doctor have fallen in love.  

Heath is trying to get Bianca back, after she dumped him for his own good as she cannot be involved in raising his child by a woman he slept with while they were temporarily broken up just before they put their called-off wedding back on the calendar.   She was right the first time.  

Casey is free as a bird and it looks like a young English girl is about to find out about the Braxtons.   Poor girl.  





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Hi Kim, thanks for setting this up.  So where do we discuss the show in general?  Not small talk I take it.

I was wondering that too whether they would even be allowed in the country.

I couldn't believe Brax barging in on Ricki's work like that, he can be so rude and sure not a way to impress her.

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We probably will only need one thread here, so here goes.

Nothing could be as cute as Alf's hat sitting on the boat with Chris.  

I do feel bad for Chris as he didn't mean any of the damage caused.  And what type of poisonously fatal mushrooms would be just ou there to pickup?  


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I liked how Chris actually was able to get Alf to the hospital.

That happened here too in a restaurant, where they picked poisonous mushrooms and served them.  Some are easy to mistake for good ones.

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You have to know what you are doing when it comes to Mother Nature!  

The water was a pretty blue in today's episode.  

Ricky is so dumb.  She's too serious, too.  

Irene's hair looked so nice.  

Marilyn driving Alf bonkers was funny.  I loved it when he shouted at her and she completely ignored that.  




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One has got to have an appreciation for Brax in the previews being mad at  Ricky for not telling him about the baby while he simultaneously does not plan to tell Casey about his paternity.  

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Well, Matt was obnoxious today.  Andy was obnoxious today.  It's obnoxious day.  

The diner, awww, but I don't think it would be that bad.  It's was just some bad luck, not like someone did something intentional.  Loved Alf going to order all that food.

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Every soap seems to have one woman who loves to break if off with men and break their hearts.  Looks like it is Ricky for H&A.  She told two different men they are done in the space of a week.  Can she just go away now?

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I cannot STAAAAND Phoebe.  She thinks she is so awesome.  I just see her as an arrogant, know it all, unpleasant brat.  She totally grates on me like fingernails down a blackboard.

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Yes, though I think they will dial it down.  They love newbies to come in being very obnoxious and then settling down.  Sasha was a real pain at first, too. 


Though Denny is an exception to that.  I like the idea of Denny and Casey.    I feel bad for Casey at this point and wished that British girl would find a reason to come to Summer Bay.  But Denny's a nicer person.  Chris deserves it - I hate people who back away because someone is falling in love with them - like that is such a terrible thing.  Maybe Chris is right about himself and he's not worth it.  He deserves a round with Ricky so she can break his heart!  



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I like the idea of Denny and Casey too, I think they are a much better fit than Denny and Chris, she seems way more mature than him and more on par with Casey.


Evie is such a little bitch, imo.  Tamara deserves to know the truth and Evie doesn't seem to care about Oscar's feelings at all.

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Today proved the maturity level of Chris.  To him it is only a competition with Casey.  Spencer was fun in those scenes though.


Maddie - could she be any more of a brat?  I wanted Josh to tell her to take a hike.  


I think something may happen to get Bianca to accept the baby.  Maybe saving the baby from some danger.  A couple times there seemed a foreshadowing, like Heath talking to Bianca with his back to the stroller, which in soap opera world invites kidnapping.  He also fell asleep, though I guess that's OK if the kid sleeps.  

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I am glad they finally explained what was going on with Maddie, her behaviour made no sense at all prior to that to me.  It just came out of the blue.  Even with the explanation it seemed like something a younger child would do.

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I wonder they don't realize the issue that Oscar is a minor, so he would not get a record, but Zach would.  Though I don't know how they treat minors in Australia.  


I wonder Phoebe's father did not get into legal trouble, but maybe I missed something.  None of the Braxtons appear to be under arrest.  

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I think that whole storyline with Oscar is just totally ridiculous.  To have the whole family prepared to lie to the police in a cover up and even get angry at Oscar for wanting to do the right thing and accept the consequences for his actions is just crazy to me.  Glad it's finally coming out.


Yeah the amount of police resources they put into that search - seriously, how many police were there, looked like tons - you would think Phoebe's dad would have gotten into trouble went it turned up nothing.

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Bianca agreeing to take Harley is likely the next step to her eventually adopting him.  I wondered if she is leaving, but the maybe not.  


Heath has a lot of character growth - the character of the first couple years he was on the show would never be the one carrying a baby around.  I thought he might have paternity leave but he took the baby to work.  


I thought guns were controlled in Oz, but I guess some randoms might have them?  The gunshot story is weird.  If it wasn't Andy the Obvious, who was it?

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Yeah looks like Bianca and Heath may get back together.  I didn't like them as a couple for along time but have come around as Heath has matured.


Yes guns are more controlled here but the criminal element still have a lot and we have regular shootings here, although no mass shootings in a long time.

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Thanks nozycat.  They say only criminals will have guns, but they use them against each other mostly.  The Braxtons don't seem to use them as far as I can remember.  I remember long ago someone like Geoff or Romeo finding guns and saying they knew they were supposed to take them to the police.  

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Yeah I don't think the Braxton's have used guns either.  And yes I think it's mostly criminals using guns against each other here.


I was cheering Matt on for giving that brat Evelyn a taste of her own medicine and calling her on her BS.

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Yes, that whole Hannah/Zach/Evelyn thing where they think Oscar should not have any consequences is getting really old.  None of them are sympathetic in that regard.  Even Oscar doesn't agree.  


Is Jett supposed to be smart - why wouldn't he get that he was not working for nothing - his wages were going to pay off his debt.  Marilyn's solution was good though.  

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that was interesting.  Nate has a wife, now why didn't he divorce her if he doesn't like her?  Intriguing.  


I wonder what Phoebe looks like without ten pounds of eye shadow.  Having to keep your make up going like that while your boyfriend is in the hospital - must be tough.  


Brax needs a life - so talking to Phoebe like that was a jerk move given what's happened.   

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Yeah Phoebe's eye shadow is a whole character on its own isn't it.


So Oscar pours his heart out to Evelyn, she totally invalidates him then whines that he isn't talking to her.


And Maddie can sure be self-centred.  How many times did Josh say he had to study and she also invalidated him.


Yay for Marilyn and John, I love them together.

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It was so obvious what was going to happen when Jett left the pier in that boat!  It looks like he can see the shore, but it could still be a long way.  


I thought John was going to be a sexist turning Marilyn down because the girl doesn't ask, but it was a lot cuter than that, just the way he imagined it.  


I think Hannah and Evelyn are smothering Oscar.  They mentioned a second panic attack but I don't remember the first one.  He needs a break from those two so caring individuals more than anything else.  Maybe a trip with Spencer would do him good.  The odd thing is Tamara is gone, but I would expect some scene to follow up that she is OK and didn't lose her sight.


Maddie was a brat as usual, but then did own up to it when Sasha pointed it out to her what was happening.  The study group was a nice idea.  

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Yeah Hannah and Evie sure aren't helping Oscar.  Oscar's first panic attack was when he was with Andy I think and made Hannah grateful that he looked after him.


And I am pretty sure that a character, Evie?, mentioned to Oscar that Tamara was doing well after her surgery.


Yeah I liked the study group too and that once Maddie was made aware she changed her behaviour.


Phoebe's dad is some piece of work.  And I love how he got upset that the guy hit Kyle but a drive by shooting when anyone could have been killed was alright.

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Looks like the Dad left town but who knows.  Maybe further plotting from Melbourne.  He can get some advice from Paul Robinson.  


John, Marilyn and Jett were nice.  Hopefully Jett will never go on the water without a life jacket again.  People in Summer Bay need to know basic water safety.  They are surrounded by it!  It was a pretty blue in the shots where Brax talked to Phoebe's Dad, and more interesting to look at than Brax, at that time.  


I think Oscar went to Hannah's room in order to be near someone if he panicked.  They really need to get him treatment.  Well they do have the counselor and he likes him.  Going on about school was obviously doing his head in.  He feels very guilty and Hannah and Co. don't let him deal with that.  The counselor maybe can help.  


Thanks for the reminders of the scenes that seem to have flown out of my head, nozycat.  I am glad Tamara was OK.  

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Heh at the dad getting advice from Paul Robinson.  They make a pair don't they.


I love John, Marilyn and Jett.


I thought Brax was hot going to Jett's rescue and giving Phoebe's dad what for.


I think Hannah, Zac and Evie have a lot to answer for the way Oscar is reacting when they kept almost forcing him to go against his morals and it so obviously distressed him.

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I wondered why they wrote it that Brax saves Jett.  Maybe the next arc of the story is going to be Jett thinking Brax is the greatest and that disturbing John and Marilyn since Brax has such a dodgy past/present. 

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Denni seems very naive or stupid to me not getting that Casey is interested in her.  And she basically stalks him and won't leave him alone so I am guessing she has feelings for him too, but is in denial or playing a dangerous game.


I am disappointed with Casey being encouraged to tell Denni how he feels and going ahead and doing it.  I just don't think it's right to get in the middle of someone else's relationship.  And now of course Denni does have feelings for him, blech.

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The hint about who you are thinking about all the time applies.  It does seem that Denni thinks about her friend Casey all the time.  Maybe she was not realizing it.  


Evie and Josh is an interesting thing.  Maddie sort of deserves it.  I bet she is going to be a real cow when she finds out.  


A little hinting about Zac and Sophie is a good thing.  Tons of triangle/quads going on right now.  

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Huh, I thought I had replied to this already.  Yeah I agree Maddy deserves it, she has already been a real cow to Josh.


I don't get Andy pushing Casey to hit on Denni.  I bet he would be furious if someone 'cut his grass'.


Can't believe Sophie had sex in her office, great way to start as principal and so professional - not.

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Yeah, that was oh so romantic!  Not.  Zac drinking in the office was supposed to be so bad, and it was after hours too!  That principal's office has sure seen a lot of not-so-professional things.  


They are doing a great job of sound effects for Oscar's panic attacks.  They feel scary.  


The story with Denni does have some good points.  Those are the young years where you need to be sure you are finding the right person, and she's not committed to Chris.  Yet it is a good point that you have to work on dealing with their faults eventually.  Chris is starting to annoy her with his playful egotistical remarks and it's not cute any more.  Then you have someone like Casey out there declaring his feelings for you, and what if he is more compatible?   Though she doesn't know the Braxtons yet.  As Braxtons go, Casey is OK himself but the others are often causing issues.  


Phoebe crying when she was talking to her dad caused me to fear for her eye makeup.  Hope it is water proof.  It must take her forever to get ready in the mornings.  Applying all that eye shadow so perfectly.  

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Yeah I agree, Oscar's panic attacks are being done really well and the actor is acting them well also.  It just jars with me how much older the actor looks than his character is supposed to be, takes me right out of the scene.


Heh @ Phoebe and her eye makeup.


Is Darcy living with Heath now?  Did I miss something?  And I thought he and Harley couldn't go with Bianca because he couldn't move away from Darcy, but now she is with him.

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I think Darcy still lives with her maternal grandmother and so that's why they can't just pack up all four of them and move to Sydney.  Though Heath could do that and see Darcy on weekends.  Guess he's afraid she'd have a melt down.  Eventually I can see him getting custody as he can prove to the court that he takes good care of Harley.  


It was funny for Jett to think Darcy had a crush on him.  I didn't see much other than wanting to walk home with him.  

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Thanks Kim, it just looked like Darcy was living with Heath already.  Don't know why I try to make sense out of this show, lol.


eta Ah I see she is partially with him only.


Something that bugs me is why so many of the Summer Bay High girls wear their socks pulled half way up their legs.  I get knee highs and ankle socks, but that look just seems so uncool to me.  And those ugly black shoes.  But then I am old and what do I know about teen fashions, lol.  On the other hand I love Sash's boots.

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The SB High school uniform for girls seems so out of date and also too young for high school students.  I was just thinking of the incongruity of Sasha in that uniform at school where her sex life was being trumpeted about - as if anyone wearing that dress should have a sex life.  


Chris I thought unreasonable - he could have checked Denni's schedule rather than expecting her to rudely stand up her sister just to do something with him of which he had given her no warming.  Though I do think they are making Chris a pain to justify Denni breaking towards Casey.  I kind of have a soft spot for Casey and hope he gets what he wants.  The latest punch-fest was probably about that too  


It was kind of funny Alf did not mind living with the Jett/John/Marilyn combo.  Roo being home is a problem?  I thought that house had endless rooms, lol.  


Maddie can be a cow, but why should she not be more concerned with her own grades than with Josh's?  He complains she makes things about her, but does he expect it to be about him?  Seems that test went both ways.  He could have shown some concern for her, too.  

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Yeah I agree that Chris was being totally unreasonable and wish Denni had given that as an example of why it isn't working with them.  I do think she and Casey are a much better fit and Chris still has a lot of growing up to do before he can be in an adult relationship.


I wonder what is wrong with Roo.


Yeah Maddie and Josh have both been pretty self-focussed.


That school uniform is standard for many schools here.

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The uniform in Erinsborough is a little more stylish!   For the girls anyway.  


I would think Sophie would be more mature than to be so silly about Nate's professionalism.  She is a school principal herself.  Granted the school principals of SBH have been absurdly young recently.  


Rather sad about Brax not wanting children - he mentioned it in a very general way to Charlie once.  Now with Charlie's death and the Ricky baby's death where it involved his enemies with Charlie and being in jail when Ricky was pregnant, I guess he is seeing that he is too dangerous and messed up to have kids.  Then that girl who messed with his head for awhile getting him to think Darcy was his.  


Poor Roo - I wonder what is wrong.  Hopefully this experience causes Maddie to mature.  Though I guess that's asking a whole lot.  

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So do you believe Sophie?  I tend to.  That would have been super immature.


Wow Evie could sure ride well for someone who had no idea about horses.


I just love - not, how Heath keeps dumping his kids on others and walks away.

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Yeah, I bet they are thinking it is funny to have people like Brax or Casey or Kyle looking after a baby.  


Sophie denies it - stuff like that can happen by accident.  I've forgotten to turn a phone back on after putting it on silent because of being somewhere.  He's sure she did it though.  


I had forgotten about the tour bus.  Too funny they were all sleeping while Marilyn gave her performance.  


It appears Roo got some type of infection, I think?  This illness is a plot point for everyone to have sympathy for Maddie.  

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I wonder which one of them is leaving?  I haven't found anything on the net about it so they could be keeping it well under wraps.  Our "favourite brothers" together for the last time!  OK, so that makes it sound like one of them dies.  Or maybe they are exaggerating.  Heath looks like the one with the best set up to leave to go to Bianca in the city with both his kids happily ever after.  


Brax looks like he might want to take off to find himself.  Nobody who needs him to take care of them.  It was logical that he doesn't want kids - and that does not have to last forever.  Ricky could go with him or not depending on whether they want to keep that character.


Casey - I doubt it would be him.  He's still young and there are more potential story lines.  

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Wow lots of punching going on in Summer Bay lately.


I can sort of get where Darcy is coming from but thought she was smarter than that.


Maddie has to repeat after missing only 2 weeks and by all accounts doing well except for that one assignment?  Doesn't make sense to me.

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I can understand Nate thinking Heath might really be guilty.  Their unwillingness to stand up to investigation must have made it even more suspicious.  The threats from Brax, then the begging.  


Ricky telling him he would "have to" trust her - does she think she's in charge of what Nate does?  How egotistical.  



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