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S06.E12: Not Tomorrow Yet - Pre-Air Speculation and Live Chat

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I get the nerves: these people usually get attacked at their own place, or while they're on the road; they get dropped on by surprise,or go on rescue missions when one of their own's been kidnapped. But have they ever been on a mission like this? Like planning on making the first move?

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God, I'm worried about Carol. Please let Moron Morgan die instead of her.

Also, fuck you Abraham. That was cold.

I'm worried about a lot of people. Carol, Tara, Glenn, Rosita etc. And this plan is too dam sketchy. I fear for them all.

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I am NOT going to watch Better Call Saul so stoppppp!


Rosita sure recovered quickly....enough to go with them. and Abe....

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Get it, Carol!

Omg, noooo. Rosita, you can do so much better than that cheeto-haired asshole.

These are the most awkward lesbians I have ever seen. And I watched The L Word.

Dude: We have no idea what they have or how tough they are. They will probably kill us all.

CDB: Nah, we'll be fine. They're probably stupid like all the other people we've killed.

Everyone else: Seems legit. Solid plan. A++ LET'S DO THIS!

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