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Betty? Veronica? Hot Dog? Spoilers and Spoiled Speculation

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1 hour ago, Unsimplistic said:

Yeah in the w magazine screen test video she said she thinks Betty will get married before she(Lili) gets married.

I can’t see the show giving Bughead a wedding yet, they still unfortunately want to make Barchie happen. I get that Bughead has to have ups and downs but I would prefer for Betty and Jughead to date outside of the core four group because honestly if Barchie happens seriously, like a real relationship all of those friendships are going to be ruined. Although knowing this show they will probably have veronica and Jughead have some line about it being fate or something and that they are totally fine with it. Which.. ew.

Anyways I really dislike the character of Alice. I always have. There are actual people who think she was awesome in the second season and I seriously need references on when. She only got to like the serpents when they helped her with chic and even then it was brief. Also it’s painfully obvious Ma had no idea what the end result for Alice was in the 3rd season because of the way she was playing Alice and I’m sorry no matter what she tries to do in season 4, all of her actions towards her daughter is beyond unforgivable. Also let’s not forget, Betty is the child she never seems to chooses. In season one she seemed to just see her as a Polly 2.0 in season 2 she chose faux chic and in season 3 for most of the season she was choosing Polly and the cult(and when we thought she was seeing her dead son but it turned out he was alive and helping ber, so okay another child not Betty) and this season when she returns she’ll probably choose Charles and or polly. Rarely if ever does she choose Betty. But yet Betty always chooses her. 

If they go the Barchie route it will be a mistake. That ship has sailed. Early season one they flirted with the possibility but if something should happen between them now it would be really stupid. There’s no way Jughead and Veronica would ever be OK with it. Friendships would get ruined or should get ruined. I’m sure they’ll play like Jughead and Veronica giving them their blessing which would be a joke because in the real world that would never happen. Granted, we’re not in the real world but still. 

Season 1 Alice mentally and emotionally abused Betty. She hasn’t been a good mother throughout the entire series. But we’re talking major abuse in season one. Alice, Polly and Kevin don’t deserve Betty’s forgiveness. 

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