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Guess That Episode Game

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I'm pretty sure it's S1 but that's all I got.


Oh, Emily in Wonderland!


Anyone want to choose a theme for today?

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A Family Matter.  "Families. I mean, they're just messes. It's like this - spilled drink that just keeps spilling, and ya gotta keep cleaning it up, and you scrub and you scrub and you just can't get the stain up! Show me a happy family - just one. Didn't that Tolstoy-guy say something about families?"



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Ballrooms and Biscottis  :" Look at this place! Look at you. All you need is six dancing penguins and Mary Poppins floating in the corner to bring back two of the worst hours of my childhood."



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Hammers and Veils. "Something that's supposed to start nice, two people making promises to each other. I'll love you forever, I wanna die when you die, my life meant nothing until you used my toothbrush. And then it starts." rant



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It is! But he won't waste the baseball tickets on him. Ed can go he hasn't been to a ballgame in ages.

I totally know what rant that is but I'll be darned if I can remember the episode. 

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Great scene, in so many ways....


Working off that last photo, let's make today's theme:  gifts! (the good, the bad, the fugly!)



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