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S04.E14: Who Is That Masked Man?

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Joan dressed more in street wear early on, relaxed urban chic. Now I find her wardrobe fussy. The costumer said they wanted her to look more "sophisticated" this season to reflect her growing status and confidence. While her wardrobe looks clearly expensive / high-fashion, to me all the peter pan collars and neck bows and tiny ties and mini skirts feel more school-girlish than strong. (How many bows can one woman own?!)


Interesting. I definitely notice a difference. She does look more business-like, but in a very high-level, fashion-conscious way. She's come a long way from being a surgeon who no doubt was more comfortable in scrubs, to an addiction counselor, wearing comfortable, but still stylish clothes, to a fully qualified investigative consultant, with her own clients. I still think her wardrobe is a bit high-fashion for her usual environment of NYC police stations, etc. but you can understand character-wise, that she is trying to look more professional. I think we've discussed before about how she can afford top-of-the-line clothing. She made good money as a doctor, is living rent-free in the brownstone, and as a resident of one of the great fashion centers of the world, who can wear sample-sizes, she can easily access great clothes at reasonable prices.

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Moreland did seem like he did regret what happened to his wife. Now that Morland Holmes told Sherlock about his mother and her drug habit and her dying in a house fire. I believe we will have more come from that. Maybe an investigation into who started it? Probably evidence will come up linking someone to her? This sentence is posted later, i do like the idea of her being still alive and after Moreland.

Wondering if Soliel will have more to do with it.

LUckily the team kept the gangs from fighting. Detective Marcus Bell and Captain Tom Gregson always do a good job and not act like dumb cops. Sherlock did seem a bit to much when he said he was a master of disguise and kind of talked down to Marcus. It was good that the killer Sven Eckland didn't do everything right. Like when he first tried to get into the gangs Video Game place. I was surprised he didn't clean up, but I know he was scared I bet. It probably would have been noticed less if he just took out Haas.

I figured Michael Haas the head of Willowbrook had something going on. In my notes, (yes I keep notes), I wrote he is bad when he was introduced. The actor has played baddies before. I to was confused how Sven knew who Bai May-Lung was and would he fit in her bra etc. too?

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