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Movie Music: Scores, Soundtracks, and Best Moments

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In the category of movie soundtracks that I like much more than the movie itself, my picks would be:

Dollars Trilogy, by the amazing Ennio Morricone. I never cared much for the movies, but the music is simply amazing. My favorite is from the first one, A Fistful of Dollars/Per un pugno di dollari which is ironically the weekest for me in terms of plot. Now, Once Upon a Time in the West on the other hand, I like both the movie and the soundtrack.

Alexander (the 2004 version) - not really a good movie by any standard, but the soundtrack is once again simply magnificent. Vangelis is right there with Morricone as my favorite composer. The third would probably be Howard Shore or Hans Zimmer.

My favorite music from them:



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Someone posted this clip in the tennis thread. I cannot figure out what that song is. Can someone please help me? I know it’s from a movie it’s gonna drive me crazy. Starting around 3:12.


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Why This Creepy Melody Is In So Many Movies 


How The Music Spoils Sweeney Todd (and Why That’s a Good Thing)


The Dies Irae really is so baked into our culture’s musical vocabulary regarding death.  I probably associate it the most with The Shining  and Sweeney Todd.  

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Spirited on AppleTV is a holiday musical take on A Christmas Carol. The songs were all catchy, but my favorite (and the funniest) has to be “Good Afternoon.”

Context for scene: in Dickens’ day, saying “good afternoon” is pretty much an f-you:

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