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S18.E08: Tom Hanks, Peter Capaldi, David Walliams, Duran Duran

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Joining Graham on the sofa are double Oscar winner Tom Hanks, starring in new Spielberg Cold War thriller Bridge of Spies, Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi, and comedian and writer David Walliams, with music from comeback kings Duran Duran.
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I agree.  Didn't like the blond,I know it was for a role, but I hope he can change it back soon.  David Walliams seemed very serious.  I've seen him on the show before and while super energetic, he seemed more ...  I don't know, just not so serious, I guess.  

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Tom Hanks may be the perfect chat-show guest. He's quick-witted, affable, self-deprecating, appreciative of others, a good storyteller. I think he's too old to be playing my boy Sully, but he's a def box office draw.


Which one of the Duran-ers is no longer among them? Weren't there 5 of them when they were big?

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