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Hogan's Heroes

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I think fan fic has it as Klink.  A part of me wants to say it was Hogan as I just can't see Klink being that smart though the former doesn't make sense.  I guess I need an episode in front of me for a more definitive feel.


My picks would be either Schultz or Burkhalter, but leaning more to Burkhalter because he had access to high level information Schultz didn't.

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It would be really funny if it was Hochstetter! (sp?)

Oh that would be funny.


If they kept Helga, I would have said she was Nimrod, since she seemed a part of Hogan's operation.

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Do we never hear Nimrod's voice, just someone quoting him?


It's a note in a model airplane kit. Hogan reads it.  The model kit was on a file cabinet in Helga's office. I think the model kits were from the Red Cross,but the note indicates Nimrod was present in Stalag 13 because Nimrod says something like Hogan had a clever plan to get the underground agent out and it asks Hogan to get a copy of some plans out too. So Nimrod was at Stalag 13.

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I can't remember the name of the character.  He was played Mr, Whipple in the TV commercials - Dick Wilson.  He played Klink's aide  in that particular episode - Gruber possibly.  I have not seen the episode in a long time, so some details may be fuzzy.  He came back from leave (or just away from camp) at a moment that made me believe that he was Nimrod.  It was the timing of his return that made me suspicious. Plus some interaction with Hogan and stating that he just returned. It was the only character that made sense to me. 

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Who do you think was NImrod?



Some interesting theories.  I always thought Nimrod was General Burkhalter though.  My reasons:  


1. Even though he was obviously a pretty smart guy he kept Colonel Klink in his job.  Sure, sometimes he says it is because no prisoner has ever escaped from Stalag 13 and no other prison camp can claim that.  But there had to be more to it than that.  Klink's annoyance factor alone would be enough to get him sent to the Russian front if there was no other reason for Burkhalter keeping Kling around.


2. Burkhalter often seems to be bringing people or events to Stalag 13 when there is no real reason for him to do so (other than the script saying it is a good idea).  Some examples.  He brings Dr. Vanetti to the camp in the episode "The Assassin".  Surely they could have stashed that guy somewhere else in Germany, but instead he is brought to Stalag 13 where Hogan can get him to England. In "Evening of Generals" he puts Klink, the most incompetent person on the face of the earth, in charge of planning a dinner for a group of military leaders.  He had to know that wouldn't end well--even if Hogan hadn't been planning to put bombs in the meeting, Klink would have fowled it up someway. And in "The Big Record" Burkhalter holds an important strategy meeting at Stalag 13, giving Hogan the chance to record everything being said.


I have to say though, if Nimrod was Klink that was one brilliant cover.  I'd never suspect he had the brains to be a spy.





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I loved any episode where Hovis played Hitler. Shultz was always priceless in those.


I also hated all the Crittendon episodes. I won't watch them even today.

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My favorites were when the Germans would put a spy in the barracks.

Which ep or eps was a remake of the pilot?


I also hated all the Crittendon episodes. I won't watch them even today.

I never understood why he was allowed to run around or hadn't been killed by the Nazis or "friendly fire".
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In the pilot, Helga was in the tunnel pretending to be a manicurist. Both Helga and Hilda were willing to help out Hogan for a pair of stockings. 


I think, apart from being blackmailed by the prisoners, Schultz was also willing to look the other way. The Germans had taken over his toy factory and he was probably not totally committed to their cause. He did tell Hogan, in one episode, that once in a while he had to be on the German's side. 


I never saw the cast in any other roles - other than seeing Richard Dawson on Match Game all the time.


Ivan Dixon did a lot of directing after he left the show. I just saw his name in the credits of an old TV series. I don't remember which one it was - it might have been Quantum Leap, but I'm not sure. 

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