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S04.E01: A Good Treason

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Yeah, I saw no indication that Eric was lying.  I just figured Rollo didn't want to be bothered with his unwashed brethren, and decided to cast his fate with the Franks.  He saw a path to glory by marrying Princess Mushmouth and he knew that there was no place for them in his new world.

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I don't really understand Rollo's thinking with slaughtering all his men. The agreement with the Emperor was that he marry Gisla, his men get land and in return they fight for Frankia. If he has no men then he is not holding up his end of the bargain, why bother keeping him around?

I found it interesting that he also didn't force himself on the princess. It feels out of character for him so I guess I'll see how that ends up. He is obviously into her though, hopefully they will find some common ground if they ever learn each others language.

Poor Bjorn, he tries so hard and still Ragnar has a go at him. I did like Ragnar's reaction to Aslaug predicting they'd never see him again. He honestly looked shocked and that he would go after Bjorn if she said she had a vision.

Lagertha's kill was a bit much for me.. I wondered if she was teaching Kalf a lesson though, in just what she is capable of.

Overall I didn't mind the episode and am excited to see what happens next.

Oh and regarding Aslaug getting annoyed at Bjorn it seemed obvious it was about his daughter. She comes to show him Siggy and he doesn't even look at her or show any interest in her which pisses Aslaug off.

And if I recall Ragnar implied he didn't love Aslaug anymore prior to the Wanderer coming to town so he was over her even before that happened.

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