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S02.E14: Escape From Earth-2

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Good episode. Pity about Jay, though. I'm guessing he'll be staying at Chateau Zoom until the end of the season, along with the Man In The Iron Mask. Anybody else starting to think of Jay as "Peyton"? He looks good for his age, but dude is fragile.


Man, Barry-2 is a goober. A bigger goober than Barry-1, and I didn't think that was possible. I would have liked to have heard about how Barry-2 and Iris-2 got together, because it feels like an unlikely pairing.


MITIM was tapping out "Jay." Could Zoom be a Jay from the future? I hope that's not the case, because it would be a little predictable, and I think Jay deserves better than being a villain hopped up on speed drugs.

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Jay's a dumbass.  Yes, by all means stand right in front of the breach while you know Zoom is coming.  Although it does add to the possibility there's more going on between Jay and Zoom, than Jay lets on.  Like it's a fake Jay, and the real Jay is in the cage.  The man in the mask did get pissed when Barry talked about Jay, and there was a brief look at his hair.  Also Jay kind of screwed up in this episode before that, with not being there when Caitlin and Iris were being attacked.


Earth 2 Barry was fantastic in this episode.  I had to laugh hard at "Her name starts with Killer! This comes as a shock to you?"


Really enjoyable episode.

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So Jay Garrick is split personality Zoom, right?


I liked Killer Frost better this episode. I think giving her some personality beyond cackling supervillain helped. along with giving her more interaction with Cisco. I think I officially ship Cisco with some version of Caitlin. 


Nice cut from Caitlin rescuing Iris back to Iris 2 pointing a gun at Killer Frost. I enjoyed that parallel.


Man, I wanted to know who the Man in the Iron Mask was. Wally 2? Real Jay? 


"Her name starts with Killer. This is a shock to you?!" wins for line of the night.

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I feel like I can't comment on this episode without speculating, and the speculation revolves around a character only mentioned in passing so far, so...I got nothing to say really.  Other than I really enjoyed it.  High stakes!  Multiple Barrys!  Tensions!  Possible DEATH.


For me, the most heartbreaking moment was when Earth-2 Iris asked if her father was still alive, and Barry said yes.  To me, it's so much weightier than him just grieving for Earth-2 Joe, it's that his mother is dead on Earth-1, and he can't really burden Iris with that.  Maybe not what they intended, but to me, it's interesting that no matter what, someone is without a parent on either Earth.

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Barry-2 is adorable. Not everyone can scale ice cliffs in wingtips. Priceless moment was him shaking his head when they were outside the lair with Killer Frost. Poor Iris seemed like she'd have to do a lot of babysitting her cute weenie of a hubby.

I'm pretty sold on the theory that Zoom is Jay, the meth addict. Maybe Iron Mask is Earth-1 Jay who was thought to be dead.

Either way, I can't wait to see more. Not sure I want a King Shark distraction next week. I hope there is a return to Earth-2 in the season finale at least.

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I guess the Star Labs budget still doesn't include any cash for surveillance cameras, locks, or tin cans on a string. 


They were really trying to throw out the idea that something is up with Jay and Zoom.  He had NO reason to move in front of the breach after he'd thrown the science football. I also don't think we've seen Jay and Zoom together aside from the flashback recounting how he got to Earth 1 in the first place.


Is Zoom just messing with Wells?  You're looking for the man and you don't go to Star Labs first? 

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Dang it, Killer Frost must be dead by now, right? They killed off way too many doppelgangers.


I don't think that is a given.  If KFC's ice held long enough to get her a head start then all she needed was Zoom to prioritize Flash/Wells over retribution to get away.  So se might live.

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Awww, Barry-2 was adorable.  I especially also liked his "Wait, he got frisky with you?" line to Iris.  It was just the right amount of prissy/huffy outrage.  I half expected him to challenge Barry-1 to fisticuffs, complete with the Marquess of Queensberry rules.

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I loved this episode. I was legit terrified by Zoom - TERRIFIED. That's a villain with gravitas... he seems completely unbeatable and thus he is so terrifying. He's more terrifying to me right now than RF was.

That scene in the panic braille room? When he stuck his claw in the room and then phased through? Good grief!

I HAD a theory that Zoom was basically our current Jay, created by Caitlin when she made the Velocity 9 serum. That theory is basically dead now, unless Jay isn't dead... but even if it is - unless he turns into Zoom somehow right now? Ugh... my whole Jay becomes Zoom Terminator future-past theory is shot (I consider E2 to be the future and E1 further behind in the past).

I need a new theory. I was SO sure when the man in the mask started tapping out Jay.

And it's a little less predictable than Zoom just being a future Jay because we get to watch Zoom's origin story unfold right now on E1.

At least we DID - not anymore. Crap!

And E2 Barry is so adorbs. I loved how sweet he was with Iris and everyone and how he managed to do the impossible and then give himself a pep talk, lol.

I enjoyed KF more this week - last week she felt forced. This week she was more natural.

And again - Candice Patton shows some major range because I never felt like the two Irises were the same - such good characterization there. Oh and her hair dresser for E1 Iris was on point - Candice's hair was flawless.

Several times throughout this episode, my heart was racing. Well done show. Just well done.

But dang! My theory is shot! Ugh!

Oh and Caitlin just needs to become a nun.

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Jay's got residual cell healing velocity 9 still in his system. Zoom running him through ain't no thang. He'll heal up. Now where he'll heal up is a better question. Will he make it back to E2, fight Zoom off in the time stream to be left in limbo, or thrown to another earth?

Jesse? Are you really going to get bitchy at your dad after Zoom kept you prisoner, tortured you, nearly snapped your neck and is hunting you down and he's telling you that you need to flee? You couldn't even save yourself or figure out mask man's code so before you start whining about leaving your family and friends, why don't you mind the man who risked his life and soul for you and get to running?

Tony Todd isn't even on set and he's killing this role. Just amazing voice work.

Earth 2 Barry giving the pep talk to himself was gold. Just perfect. He may have a snotty, soft exterior, but you can see what Iris 2 sees in Barry. He's smart and compassionate and is competent and can be moved to greatness when prompted.

Jay got pull through that portal by Zoom like the mom at the end of Nightmare on Elm Street. Ha!

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I was so mad when Jay stood in front of that portal - I just KNEW something bad was about to happen.

Is Tony Todd the same dude who did Candyman? Because that voice is so scary. Like little kids are probably afraid to go to bed now after that, lol. That first scene of Zoom running around and scaring folks... yeesh! And the speed sound he has is terrifyingly crisp and haunted sounding. It's not like Barry's speed at all - it's ... something else.

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Forget to mention something I didn't notice last week. Barry-2 wears a bow tie. Comics canon! Sure, Jimmy Olsen was the go-to bow tie guy, but Barry also made it fashionable back in the day.

Hah, I did notice that last week, and I was just delighted.  :D

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So who is the man in the iron mask (insert Leonardo DiCaprio joke here)? Who is Zoom? What's up with Jay? Inquiring minds must know! My head is spinning with all these new theories.

Love Earth-2 Barry. So sweet and dorky.

The new editor...eye roll. Whatever dude.

Tony Todd is so great (he is the voice of Candyman). Zoom is absolutely terrifying.

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So much confusion right now with Jay, so I'm just gonna word vomit on here in hopes that I can come to some sort of conclusion. Alright, so Jay Garrick was apparently a speedster who was in a rivalry with Harry Wells. Then, Zoom and him fought, he got sent to Earth-1 and his speed got taken away in the process. Makes sense so far. BUT then when Jay comes here to find his doppelganger, who should look like him, he finds a man with a different name instead. Ok, makes less sense unless Earth-1 Jay was adopted and his name was changed. But that doesn't explain why Jay couldn't find a Jay Garrick from Earth-1. Did he say that a Jay from this earth was dead or missing? Either way, him having a doppelganger not named after himself makes no sense.


But now we have Man in the Iron Mask (I'll call him Iron Mask) who reacts negatively when that name is spoken. He knows who Jay Garrick is, which implies that he's a bad guy....but in that really quick shot of the back of Iron Mask's head, he has blonde hair. So presumably, that is Teddy Sears playing him. I mean, I thought it would have been Wally-2 because the skin looked darker, but I'm wondering if maybe that was just a neat trick in the light, or if I have to go back again. Either way, that shot of his blonde hair was not a mistake, so I wonder if he's the real Jay Garrick. He's trapped behind that carbonite glass like Barry was, so presumably he's a speedster as well. Maybe the Jay we've known is not actually Jay but some sort of shapeshifter, clone, twin or future/other earth self. Maybe he needed Caitlin to make Velocity-9 so he can have powers to help Zoom. 


Also, him standing in front of the breach was dumb, so I HAVE to think it was on purpose...or just a way for them to have to reopen the breach, which is dumb, because they really should just leave it alone. 


Ok, since my Jay ramblings are not making that much sense, I guess I will move on to other things.


Barry-2? Super adorable. I'm glad he and Iris-2 survived. I was so worried that he would be killed in the middle of his pep talk to...himself. Also, hilarious that Barry always needs pep talks, but this time he has to get it from himself. I actually love how Barry-2 is different from our Barry, but also pretty similar in their bravery and passion/dedication to help others. He may have been a coward at first, but he stepped up. I guess I can kind of see how him and Iris-2 got together. They made for a really good couple. 


Killer Frost was better this episode, even with the small amount of screentime she got.


Jesse...girl, you got kidnapped by Zoom. Why are you whining like a teenager who just got grounded? You know Zoom will just kill you! My god, girl! She's either really dumb, the writers gave her a really bad line, or she's somehow evil too. 


New editor? Do not like. Oh look, a cliche coming through! Of course Iris needs to clash with her new editor who hates The Flash. I get that there will be people who do not like The Flash, but I just know the storyline is going to go 'Editor hates The Flash. The Flash saves his life. The editor learns to tolerate and then like The Flash by the finale....and/or dies'. Whatever. I'm just glad Iris might get a storyline out of this.

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I thought that it was interesting that Earth 1 Barry got 'hit by lightning' and became the Flash.


Earth 2 Barry didn't and responded to the rise of metahumans by basically becoming a variation of Earth 1 Caitlin/Cisco with his tracking software.

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And E2 Barry is so adorbs. I loved how sweet he was with Iris and everyone and how he managed to do the impossible and then give himself a pep talk, lol.

Earth 2 Barry giving the pep talk to himself was gold. Just perfect. ...

Barry-2? Super adorable. I'm glad he and Iris-2 survived. I was so worried that he would be killed in the middle of his pep talk to...himself. Also, hilarious that Barry always needs pep talks, but this time he has to get it from himself. ...

Flash constant: Everyone gives Barry a pep talk. Everyone!  :) Edited by Trini
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Barry 2 was adorable and I want to see more of him and Iris 2. They make a good, funny couple.


I don't know what's going on with Jay, but he's somehow connected to Zoom, right? I think he might be an imposter and the masked guy from WWII is the real Jay Garrick. I think they're going to tie into canon somehow, where Hunter Zolomon was Zoom.

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Did this show just introduce the possibility of three Jays? Are we getting an Earth 3? Because how?


Well, there's this thought that there are an infinite number of Earths, just a little different from each other, in which every possibility... oh, you remember. *g*


Besides, after Killer Frost's declaration of killing folks from other Earths, plural? All bets are off now as to how many version of characters TPTB can show us only to kill off.


I enjoyed this episode except for:

*How petty Jesse is shown to be. This young woman not only has totally given up, but she pees on others' attempts to free themselves- and her!- under some misplaced concern/concern-trolling. I get how Jesse would get to that mindset, but it was four months.  Then again, with Zoom, I guess all timeframes are accelerated.

*No one in the rescue team paid one freakin' iota of notice to a man in an iron freaking mask nor tried to figure out how to free him during the Barry-on-Barry pep talk!  I can't totally fault them for being scared out of their minds because Zoom makes even John Shaft and Sam Jackson take a mo and go "Hm." It was the everyone looking on all gooey-eyed over E2 Barry giving a 'don't give up' speech to E1 Barry. That was the priority, right? Not getting everyone Zoom deemed important enough to imprison away from the psycho.


I did like that the E2 West-Allens felt quite upset at being played by our Barry. Yes, he didn't mean to, but well, that's how roads to Hell are paved, right? (It wasn't like anyone told Barry that he should not think of these folks like his version of these folks. Oh, wait.) After everything done to get to E1 Barry, I can see why it was considered bygones in the episode. I just hope it is brought up- by Iris- if Barry visits "his brother" again.  Then again, everyone in the woods who just. couldn't. with Barry and his on and on  was comedy gold. Harry even looked physically pained.


I super loved E2 Det. West's style, hair and clothing. I also like that no matter which Earth we've been shown, Iris seems like a Daddy's Girl- sending her love to the next best thing as her actual dad.


I am glad that the ladies took care of Geomancer on their own; that Caitlin was able to repay Iris for the Peek-A-Boo save with this was nice. They were reasonably concerned and scared. I was wondering why they ran to what looked to be just another lab, but if it was the R&D lab? Smartest move ever! 


 Unfortunately, it then brought Joe in with talk of dampening cells in Iron Heights, so I briefly wondered who might be left in the Pipeline....y'all? I just hope Henry Hewitt isn't still in, but last week's OTT Theater stylings from Barry and Cisco have me thinking he's still in. *sigh*


My guess as to the why for the upcoming crossover "inciting incident" is that Barry tries to free TMitIM, and the return trip is screwed up, landing Barry where he ends up.


Why won't anyone let Cisco use Reverb's glasses on E2? That was seemingly dumb. Yes, KF got some good moments, but everyone acted like it would take too much time. (Which leads me to a rant for another thread.)


I like that Iris' new editor doesn't seem like a rabidly anti-heroes guy, like J. Jonah Jameson, but he's not some gushy hero fanboy either.  He may not want his city to depend on super-heroes, but that doesn't make him bad.  Plus, I liked Tone Bell on Truth Be Told ( me and the cast's moms are the only ones who watched, I think.) It might be fun to see how Barry handles someone not interested in massaging his ego, like all of his dads.


As much as I was eye-rolling the Barry pep talks himself, GG was fun as E2 Barry. I enjoyed the " give him a piece of my mind" talk and the enumerating what he/they all had to endure to free Barry.  I like that Iris has family in Atlantis! Maybe her mom and brother are doing okay there.

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Great job, Jay, stay right not to the portal.  Dumb ass!


Really good episode once again.  This was a very fun storyline.  Finally a strong episode for Caitlin, who was utilized well on both Earths.  Earth-2 Barry overdid it a little bit but was fun.

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As soon as Jay stood in front of that portal I KNEW Zomm is going to kill/take him.

I also think the real Jay is the man in the iron mask and this Jay is either part of Zoom or working with Zoom.

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Barry-2 is adorable. Not everyone can scale ice cliffs in wingtips. Priceless moment was him shaking his head when they were outside the lair with Killer Frost. Poor Iris seemed like she'd have to do a lot of babysitting her cute weenie of a hubby. ...


I loved how Iris was doing her best to be subtle with her "Babe, I love you, but there's a reason you work in a lab, k?" But he is a cute nerd. :)

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Was I imagining things, or were Iris and Caitlin - on both Earths - allowed to do things tonight? Wow.


Good things:


1. Earth-2 Barry and his shoes. He was adorable. Plus, I'm glad someone voiced that Earth-1 Barry kissing Earth-2 Iris was not the greatest.


2. Earth-1 Caitlin getting to rescue Iris in a nice parallel to Earth-1 Iris rescuing her last year. And then followed by Killer Frost saving Jesse and the others from Zoom. Granted, about five minutes after that I was kinda wishing that Killer Frost hadn't saved Jesse, but it was a nice thought.


3. Flash remembering that Earth-1 Iris is a journalist and therefore has a reason to go to Star Labs and keep track of what's going on. Can we keep remembering this, show?


4. Cisco, finally putting some of his training and hanging out with Team Flash and Team Arrow and putting the drop on Killer Frost, even if that turned out to be mostly a ruse on her part. It still started out well.


5. Earth 2 Barry and Earth 2 Iris, unlike some characters I could mention, immediately and sensibly agreeing to get out of Zoom's way at the end of the episode. With a bonus callback to Atlantis that this time around I did not identify with the Bahamas resort, thanks everyone on this forum!


Questionable things:


1. Who was that masked man anyway?  (Henry Allen? A Jay? Clark Kent? Probably not Clark Kent.)


2. How were they all climbing slippery ice in those inappropriate shoes and no gloves? That was quite a climb, even if Killer Frost built stairs for them.


3. Why does Barry always need a pep speech? Start getting your own motivations, Barry!


4. Does no one in the Arrowverse ever stop to think that it's just possible that prisoners might have to go to the bathroom every once in awhile, or is it a rule on both earths that no prisoner can ever be allowed to use the toilet? It was bad enough when it was just that cage down in the Arrow Cave and the cells in Star Labos, but now it's also flashback prison on that island, the cage down in the new Arrow Cave, and Zoom's prison. 


5. Speaking of Zoom's prison, did he have that one cell modified specifically for speedsters so that Barry couldn't vibrate his way through it?


6. Yes, everyone, let's all stand around and listen to Earth-2 Barry's little speech when a) there's another prisoner right behind you who might be able to provide useful information, given pen and paper and/or, I don't know, let out of his cage, and b) you know Zoom is on the way. 


Bad things:


1. And speaking of questionable moves, yes, Jay who might not actually be Jay after all, do stand right in front of the portal that you know Zoom can come through right after Barry, Wells, Cisco and whatshername came rushing through it.  Though yes, I do find it suspicious that Jay has now offered two different, contradicting stories about how he lost his speed, and that we've never seen Jay and Zoom in the same place, and that Jay was conveniently "asleep" during an attack. Sleeping pretty deeply, too, if he was taking a nap at Star Labs.


If so, my inner seven year old is all sad that they've made Jay evil, but hoping that there's still a good Jay out there somewhere!  


Must be, right?


2. Geomancer: still boring.


3. If Caitlin could just take out the Geomancer with the whatever thing, why couldn't the cops use some of the tools Cisco built for them to slow him down? Oh, right, so that Caitlin would have yet another incentive to create the Velocity 8 thing.  But surely Caitlin already had that incentive?


4. Iris' new boss? Also boring.


5. Hands down winner for most annoying person in the episode goes, without question, to Jesse. Jesse, you've just spent months locked up by Zoom who is still after you and just tried to kill you, and you are going to waste time by squawking that you don't want to leave your friends? Do you want to get them killed as well?  Not looking forward to seeing her on Earth 1.


6. Ye television gods, Flash. I realize you have set problems, but you need a better reason for having a duplicate secret time travel braille room than "we couldn't afford another set." I guess I should be relieved that the hospital set didn't make another appearance.


7. And speaking of issues with Star Labs, why does Star Labs still not have some sort of basic alarm system? I get that they want Joe and Iris to be able to waltz in whenever, which, fine, but this is still a lab filled with all kinds of expensive equipment that's also hiding Barry Allen's uniforms and secret identities, so they should at least have some sort of alarm bell just to let hem know when people are walking in and out. 

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I prefer E2 Barry and Iris.  Can we keep them?


Earth2 Iris being so awesome just reinforced my opinion that making E1 iris a reporter was a big mistake.


See how good Iris and Caitlin can be when the script actually gives a female chatacter something to do?


Is Jesse now replacing Patty as Female #3?  Because I'd really prefer Patty then.


Now that Patty is gone and Barry has realized that there is a world in which he can be married to Iris, I expect Iris to start a relationship with her jerky boss.

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Something I was really confused by in this episode: Why did Barry pop out of the portal into Earth 2 rather than Earth 1? The way it was shot they made it look like Zoom had beat him to Earth 1, but then you realize that no-one else is there, and Barry/Wells jump back into the portal and return to Earth 1. Was this just confusing editing or was there a reason for it?

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I don't like Iris's boss. He seems like kind of a jerk. She's probably going to have some kind of flirtation with him, but I hope it doesn't last too long, because yeah- I don't like him already.


I think we're ready for Iris and Barry to just get together now. They were cute as a married couple, I think they can do that on Earth 1 as well.

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With respect to normal Barry, I think I prefer Earth 2 Hipster Barry more.  Grant Gustin was having a blast playing that version.  I love that he was kind of a dweeb and clearly freaking out most of the time, but he never wavered from accompanying them, because Earth 2 Iris is his wife, and he loves her.  He may not have Barry's powers and he might easily get scared, but in his own way, he's actually pretty brave too.  And, in general, Earth 2 Iris is awesome.  Now, this is a couple I love.  I kind of want this show to check in on them in Atlantis from time to time.  At the very least, I wish they would use whatever they use here on the actual Barry and Iris.


Caitlin just has the worst luck ever, huh?  I figured Killer Frost would end up helping the gang at the end, but that was still fun.  I do wonder what Zoom did to her.  Since we didn't see an actual death, I wouldn't be surprised if she's still alive, but I can't see a reason why Zoom would still need her alive.


I love Zoom, personally.  As much as I enjoy the charismatic villains with great speeches and sinister smarm (OG Harrison Wells!), every now and then, I just like a villain who is menacing, fucks shit up, and the team barely seems to be able to get a handle on him.  And, at this point, I really have no idea how they will be able to one-up him.  And I still have no idea what his identity is.  And what is going on with that mysterious guy with the helmet?  He mention something about Jay?  Yeah, I've got nothing.


The meta in Earth One was such a waste that I still don't remember his name.


Sorry, but I laughed out loud at Jay getting grabbed by Zoom at the end.  Yeah, just stand right beside the portal like an idiot, Jay.


Glad they found a way to have Harry stay, by deciding that he and Jesse need to stay in Earth 1, to escape Zoom's wrath.  No idea what Jesse will play into this.  My vote would be to develop a relationship with Cisco simply because I can only imagine Harry's disgust over Cisco dating his daughter.


These past few episodes have been fun, so I hope the show keeps it up.  Next week looks amusing at least.

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-  Goodbye Earth-2.  We barely knew ye.  *sniff*


-  So, crazy as it seems, the Man in the Iron Mask is a Jay Garrick.  Which (Earth, or whatever) one is anyone's guess, but there you are.  I'm thinking JG!IM is the original E2!Jay, but doesn't explain the Jay that's been with TeamFlash since the beginning.  Wait.... what if the IM!Jay is the same Jay we've been seeing, but only there (since the beginning of Jessie's imprisonment) because of some really weird 'timey-wimey' multiverse-y thing Zoom did after snagging him at the end of this ep?


-  Was Zoom grabbing for anyone and got 'Jay' by luck of whoever was nearest, or was he intentionally grabbing him?  Why kill/kidnap a plant, if he was??


-  Thank God E2!Barry is almost nothing like 'our' Barry.  Man.  I would have given up on this series last season if he was.  Way to make your doppelganger seriously different and it apparently so, GG.


-  Until proven otherwise, I'm going with the speculation that Zoom is E2!Henry Allen or E1!-changed-by-the-regularity-to-villain!Eddie Thawne, or E2!Eddie Thawne.


-  Last two episodes as KF really made DP & 'Caitlin' watchable again, for about the first time this season.  Actually pulled off looking a bit sexy with the hair and the way she carried herself, too.


-  Impossiblities are only because someone lacks imagination & willpower.  Of course.  What was E1!Barry thinking?!


-  Zoom paralyzes Barry (for a little while) a couple months ago just because he could, but now that he has him trapped and told him he doesn't need him in perfect health, he just gives him a few punches for the fun of it.  I think this one falls under 'logic gaps'.  Yeah. 


-  Now that Jessie is a regular on Earth-1 now, I guess the

Jessie/Wally relationship

I've heard about won't end up just being rumors or speculation (anymore).

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Yeah, my guess is they're going to hook up Jesse with Wally, since they're about the same age.


Although I wonder what that does to the comics canon of Wally/Linda, eventually. For fans of Wally West's Flash, Linda is basically his Iris, so you know people are going to want to see that at some point.

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