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Favorite Moments from ANW

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Not only is this is the first season that a female has completed the ANW course, but by the end of the qualifying rounds last night in Denver, two other females had joined her.  All three will move on to the finals in their cities!

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Watching the kid w/rheumatoid arthritis compete.

Anytime Sam Sahn is on.

But I'm a relative newcomer to this show, having only seen it since last summer. So I probably missed alot of good & exciting runs.

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Kevin Bull's incredible run at the Venice Beach Finals was a thing of beauty. The amazing way he hung upside down on the final cannonball to perform a swinging flip to stick the landing blew my mind. He was the first of only a handful of competitors to make it past cannonball alley, and he did it with such style. And he was less than 10 seconds behind the fastest time of only two competitors to actually complete the course that night. What's even better is that it was done by a rookie instead of a veteran, and a walk-on rookie at that. Then in the interview afterward, he thanked the veteran ninjas for their support. Class act all the way.

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Kacy Catanzaro's first trip up the warped wall was a reasonably great, if hyped moment, but her finishing the ten obstacle Dallas city final?  Even with the slowest time of any of the 7 people who did it, it was damn impressive.  The hype again almost ruined it, but there's no escaping the fact that seeing a five foot tall woman (who should have been utterly exhausted by that point) jump between two poles the SAME distance apart as her height is... otherworldly.


This show loves its hype and its superlatives, and Iseman, as much as he's a pro, goes WAY too far sometimes.  I'm not surprised to go into topics here, and see tweets elsewhere, with a lot of people saying they were rolling their eyes by the time Kacy came on screen due to how it was built up.  But actually seeing it fixed that.  I've read reactions on the web about people crying after seeing that run, getting their little girls into the room to watch it, etc.  And I suppose I'm not surprised by any of THAT either. 


Prediction: The number of female entrants into ANW will at least double in the next year (not that it hasn't already increased a lot anyway), and I wouldn't be surprised if it quadruples in one year.

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Agree about the hype over "Mighty Katy", but dauyummmmm!!!  I had unfortunately found out ahead that she had made it, but when she was on the Sliding Frames and it was obvious she couldn't each the second frame, I was wondering how she was going to get across.  And then that leap.. and that grab. 


Okay, Mighty Kacy it is!


On the Pole Grabber, I rewatched and when she jumped across the 5 foot gap, she didn't slide down.  Like, at all.  

I'm still not sure she's human!

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