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I was wondering if anyone got this amazing game for the Wii U? It came out in September 2015, and you can make your own Mario levels from Super Mario Bros, Mario 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U. You can also play levels that people all over the world have made. I've become quite obsessed with the game lately, and even used it as part of a project for my Entertainment in American Life class. I know the Wii U isn't as popular as the X-Box or Playstation, but are there any Nintendo die-hards like me out there who are completely sucked in by this awesome game?

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I checked out some streams after the firebar remake of 1-1 went viral this summer. There are some engaging Super Expert levels out there for Mario Maker 2 but mainly I'm amused by the toxicity of Versus Mode. I'd be irritated if I were playing myself but watching popular streamers sabotage each other can be hilarious.

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