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S04.E12: A View With A Room

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Excited about the Fiona storyline--it's both believable and surprising as drawn so far. And that actress looks a little like JLM, which kind of adds a level for me.


Actually, I can think of three potential recurring characters who've been introduced this season--that's three besides Morland--that I'd be happy to see back! Good job expanding the world of this show in fun ways that still make sense. 

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You know, as intensely jealous and upset as I think Moriarty would be about Fiona, I honestly don't think she'd kill her. I know that seems nuts, but hear me out. Moriarty is pure villain, but she's slightly hamstrung by the fact that she genuinely loves Sherlock. And despite everything, that feeling is mutual. He will move on with his life (which is super healthy) and fall for someone else, and even commit to another woman, but because he is the kind of person who has so much trouble connecting with others, part of him will always be entwined with someone that he was able to do that with, no matter who she is. He just seems to have put those feelings into their proper place for where he is in his life. 


Thing is, because she loves him, she won't hurt him like that. She might get angry, and maybe do a little kidnapping and growling, but she wouldn't kill Fiona, for the same reason that she wouldn't kill Joan. Any connection that he had with Moriarty would instantly be severed if she harmed anyone that he'd allowed close to his incredibly guarded heart. And we've seen what he's capable of when pushed to that kind of pure anger. She knows he's capable of blind relentless rage, and I doubt she'd want that directed toward her. In my experience, people who want an avenue back into someone's life will generally stop short of the point of no return. 

Plus, we know that Moriarty's transferred her stalker-y affections to Joan, anyway! ;)


(What do you mean it's not canon?) 

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When did Joan's room go from the top floor (the first season had the bees' honey dripping from the ceiling) to the second floor (which is what Sherlock said after he transformed her room into the media room).

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