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AS5: Fade Zu Grau

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I can't decide if Fade is my favorite cartoonish German stereotype on a recent American Reality Show, or if Robert from the current season of Face Off is.

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So Face Off & Project Runway should have a crossover episode.  The PR designers make the costume for the character and the FO designers do the character.  


But since FO is on Wednesday and PR is on Thursday, they'd have to make it a special bonus episode and air it on both channels on Friday. 


And that's how they could pair up the Dynamic German Duo!  *LOL*

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I actually have decided I like Robert a lot more than Fade. Robert is if possible even WEIRDER than Fade (hard to believe! I know!) but he's also this truly genial man who seems to laugh at himself as much as anything else. Fade doesn't seem to have that great sense of humor. He's weird in that "Now on Sprokets its time to dance!" way we all attribute to "arty" Germans, and it IS funny to watch, but he's not as clearly sharing the joke as easily/completely as Robert is.

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