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S06.E04: Going Once, Going Twice

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My husband's first thought when Fiona was thinking of how to get the money for the house was that she was going to find someone to sell her baby to, then ask for part of the money now.


Me, too. And this would seem to be more in character than what she actually did. I agree that, that's a weirdly shifting "moral code" to pawn the ring, for very little, when you clearly need more, versus taking money from Carl. She's never been above taking money from drugs (the ice cream truck) or shady activities in the past.


And this show, which is supposed to deal so expertly in poverty, has zero idea how the foster system actually works. No one would just leave Chuckie in their home, especially as any quick address search would show the eviction notice and pending auction. And the refugees just showing up and being left with Vee and Kevin, church-sanctioned or not, it would never, ever, in a million, billion years occur.


Oh and, yeah, home foreclosure to auction typically takes YEARS. (And their cousin hasn't even owned the house that long.) Not days. Or weeks. Or even months. They would have had LOTS of notices, prior to a single eviction paper on their door.


Not that I'm expecting tons of reality from Shameless, or any TV show, but when it stands out how ridiculously implausible your plot lines are, repeatedly, then, yeah, it makes it less interesting to watch.

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Debbie has always and will always drive me crazy. I can't even put my finger on why, she's just so annoying!

You are not alone. I hate her whiney voice and granny dried apple face and her crying.

The only time I liked her was when she beat the shit out of Frank when he ruined her project in a drunken stupor. That was amazing.

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It doesn't glorify masc gays more it's just more realistic. Feminine gay men are a minority in the gay community but fem gays don't like admitting it and swear that they're the majority. This show is being realistic and showing more masculine gay men.

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