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Show & Yell: Catching A Marlon, Throwing It Back

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I would've picked Kevin Nealon for my second for the Celebrity Name Game round also - he may have been low energy, but I think he would've had the good sense to step aside and let Mario Lopez do most of the heavy work. Marlon and his inability to let go kind of stressed me out, and I was very relieved that the civilian managed to win.


I also didn't fully get Marlon's strategy in Clue Boom. I mean, I do get wanting to wind down the clock so the thing will explode on the other player, but that early in the evening when you're only getting 1 or two points per clue, it's a waste. If it were a later game, where the clues are worth more, maybe that makes sense. But that early, it doesn't do that much good to win a round if you're only netting 2 points.

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