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S11.E09: Fear Of The Unknown

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Since Khloe, Caitlyn, and Robert also all had cancer. I don't think it's too young for any of them to be tested, since it's coming from all around them.


The point is, though, that genetic testing on that level (re not looking for the specific mutation a family member with cancer has just testing for a plethora of different known mutations) "just because" would not be covered by insurance* and is very, very expensive.  All well and good for people like them who wipe their butts with hundreds, but they weren't providing some public service for testing with this episode.


*Even when it should be covered it's a huge pain.  My mother and I both have different insurance carriers and the hoops they make you jump through are ridiculous.

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Did Khloe seriously ask if her genetic profile was going to change as she gets older? How can anyone be that stupid? Maybe that high school graduation a few weeks ago was premature...

Essentially yes, she did not understand how genes work, she seemed to think she was being tested for something that was like a tumor or an infection. Kim impressed me, she understood!
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I have never exactly been a proud viewer of this show (not even an unashamed one), but this last episode really left me with a bad taste in my mouth with regard to how the situation with Scott was handled. It's not like this show isn't offensive all the time, but that really made me feel terrible for him and a bit guilty for watching.

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