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S02.E08: Rule #79: Labels Are for Canned Goods

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I hadn't thought of that, but it makes sense! That scene was awesome -- creepy as hell, and her acting was great. Love that we're seeing more Delia this season. In general, I'm really digging the supporting cast! Right now Jo's the character I'm most interested in, which I'd not have thought when she first arrived on the scene. Alanna Ubach's always been good, but now that they seem to know what to do with Jo, she's great IMO.

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Barbara's finally shedding Teh Hostile, and I'm starting to like her.  A little.


Ken (from Mad Men) is hitting on Phoebe!!  I'd love it -- only he looks a *little* shaky.  I think Phoebe is my favorite character this season.


My 1st thought on the photos = from her fiancee.

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I was so surprised at how well Delia's boss took her decision. Could it be, they had a real, grown-up affair? Slimy Adulting 101! And then the pictures at the end horrified me. If it had been Gordon's mother, she would have been suspicious way before Delia's snappy line about perfection. Maybe it was the wife. Any spurned law partners we haven't seen since Delia demanded her full due?

I am really digging Barbara, even more now that she's willing to concede what seems so obvious: Behind the toothy veneer, Abby is one brittle person who could serious time off from her life.

And I never thought the Bareassed Baker had it in him. I hope he and Jo take Charlene down.

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PLEASE HELP! In this episode, when Jo discovered Charlene/Scott in the bakery and threatened to tell Frumpkis, there was a song playing in the background. I have been trying to figure out what that song is since the episode premiered last week. Does anyone have any idea? Or can you figure out what the lyrics are? I tried a Google search but I may have misheard the lyrics.

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