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Boardwalk Empire in the Media

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Per an interview with Michael Kenneth Williams, the final season is suppose to jump ahead seven years.  If this is true, that's kind of interesting, since it will be skipping over some big events like the Stock Market crash, St. Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929, and 

Rothstein's assassination.

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Should we start a speculation thread or just continue the conversation here? Maybe using spoiler tags for out-and-out bonafide spoilers?


Gotta say I'm a tad disappointed about the huge time jump and that we won't see much of Al Capone's wreaking of havoc before his imprisonment or the specifics behind

Rothstein's death



I'm  guessing that Gillian will have wormed her way out of prison by 1931.


And there's this that MKW said about Chalky:

“It ended very badly for Chalky last year,” Williams said. “His family life is no more, and he is desperately seeking Dr. Narcisse to settle old scores.”


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I'm bummed that this is the last season.  I always threatened to stop watching if something happened to Richard; I guess Fate is calling my bluff...


At the end of last season, I think I heard there were supposed to be two more seasons.  I do remember a heck of a lot of folks all over Tumblr were pissed as hell (as was I) because of how Richard's story ended, because it didn't have to end that way.    For me it was pointless; they could have killed him off when Jimmy was killed.  I'm not sure I'll even watch this season.  I have HBO but I might get rid of it before September.

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Just saw the "no one goes quietly" trailer.

The shot of Gillian in a bathtub in what appears to be some sort of psych ward immediately made me think of Neeley O'Hara in Valley of the Dolls. I *almost* feel sorry for her prospective nurses.

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Kind of related.  I saw this play last month and had this nagging feeling that I'd seen the guy before.  Today I was at my mom's place and I was watching, on TV,  an interview with the two actors.  I told Mom that I'd seen the guy before, and she said (she'd seen the play last week) that he was in Boardwalk Empire.  So then I shout,  "FUCK, I know who he was in BE, he was the guy Gillian met on the Boardwalk who looked like Jimmy, the guy she killed so she'd get the house."  Yeah, I'm slow.

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