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100 Secret Plots and Alliances: The Spoiler Topic

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In last week’s “We Will Rise,” the plan to go to space and make Nightblood got shot to hell with a Trikru arrow: Clarke, Bellamy and Roan lost a precious barrel of hydrazine on their way to the island, which means they can no longer use the rocket in Becca’s lab.

There is still another solution, however, one which Abby would previously have considered unthinkable: Exposing someone to radiation to test a possible cure, very likely killing the test subject in the process.

Even knowing that this might be their last shot at salvation, Abby struggles with the choice (which would obviously bring them one step closer to becoming just like the Mountain Men they so feared and loathed in season 2), and can be seen in the trailer asking, “If I take a life to find a cure, does that make me a murderer?”

And not only does she have to agonize over whether to do it at all; if they do indeed decide to take one life to (possibly) save the many, the even bigger question becomes: Who do they sacrifice to test the radiation serum? Will anyone volunteer? And if not, who, of everyone currently present on Becca’s island, would be considered the most ‘expendable’?

These are the questions that weigh heavy on everyone on the island’s minds this week even as Clarke, Emori and Murphy (a surprisingly delightful constellation of characters) find themselves facing yet another problem in Becca’s mansion.


Previewing ‘The 100’ season 4, episode 7: Survival requires sacrifice

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Becca first developed what we know as nightblood for the Eligius Mining Company for the long duration missions. Criminals were put into hypersleep and given nightblood to protect against solar radiation. Where did the criminals go? 

“Contact lost with asteroid mining penal colony” article open while talking about 2048. 

The Becca’s rocket is called Vesta IV. Vesta is also the name of the second largest asteroid in the main belt of asteroids of our solar system. Did they go there?


Becca met Alie in 2051, she needed an avatar.  After Alie’s “Too many people” speesh, Becca locked Ali in the Faraday’ cage. While Becca was working on the neural interface of Alie 2.0, Alie 1.0 got through the black ice encryption and got out of the Faraday Shield. Then Alie cracked systems and hacked nuclear launch codes. The poison pill virus didn’t kill her. Who helped Alie? Who was that  “stupid son of a bitch”? 

And here we have “The enigmatic Bill Cadogan, who has long preached of a coming apocalypse for which he says he can provide salvation”. 


Cadogan gave the speech about the end of the world 2 weeks before the bombs. He preached that the four horsemen of the apocalypse may come in any form. War, Famine, The Environment. «Everything we once trusted has turned on us. Government, religion, even technology become a weapon in their hands used to poison our minds. I know, you’re in pain, but it doesn’t have to be like this. There is a way out of the darkness. I can show it to you. You can be saved. Join me, and together from the ashes we will rise.» 

“There is no pain in The City of Light”, right?

What are the chances that Cadogan invested in Becсa’s research and knew about Ali?

The emblem of the cult is similar to the logo on the island where Ali was created.


I think, Alie created The City of Light with Cadogan before the apocalypse. Jaha converted a nuclear warhead into a power source.” With the added power, ALIE was able to complete the work she began with her creator a hudred years ago”-that what he said to Murphy in 3.01.

Their faith was based on 12 seals. Celebrities, entrepreneurs, royalty could unlock the twelfth ceal. But did they survive?



Becca landed on Polis territory with injections of Nightblood and Ali 2.0. 


Storage box Ali 2.0 was with a clean metal rim.


97 years later we have 12 clans. Corporate logo became the sacred symbol of the commander. And the Ali 2.0 storage box has a skull image. The same as on the walls of Polis.



Becca became the first Commander. Who was the first Flamekeeper?  


The grounders’ religion looks like the next step in promoting the cult of “The Second Dawn”. And the City of Light had to be the last step to the salvation.


Becca/Second Dawn connection speculations.

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The last time we spoke with Tasya she teased that episode 404 was going to be a big one for Echo, and she did not lie. In it, Echo and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) have the sword fight of all sword fights and Echo accidentally stabs Octavia and she plummets into the swift waters below. Though she knew Octavia would inevitably survive, Tasya had a difficult time getting into character and embracing Echo’s warrior side.

“I sank into a little bit of a funk,” Tasya tells us. She reveals that the first draft of the script had Echo kicking Octavia off the cliff on purpose, but to Tasya’s relief the writers decided to change the fall into an accident. “That was really aggressive, that made it more intentional. Whereas the better, more interesting [and softer] choice is that it’s an accident.”

“The 100” Exclusive: Tasya Teles Reveals Secrets Behind the Echo/Octavia Sword Fight & Teases Rest of Season



Given the approaching apocalypse and the limited space the Second Dawn bunker provides, Clarke will once again be faced with impossible choices that challenge her to weigh her own humanity against what's necessary to save the last vestiges of the human race."I think it's fair to say that Clarke isn't going to balance things as well as she has in the past because the stakes are just that high," Taylor explains. "Just when you thought our show couldn't get anymore intense, it's the end of the world again. I think people will be interested to see how she's kind of losing it, but determined to push through."

Fortunately, this time around Clarke will really take advantage of the support system surrounding her in a way she never has before. "I think, in general, Clarke is leaning on her friends more this season, which is great because last season she just ran away and got weird in the woods by herself and didn't want anyone's help. So I think she's leaning a lot more on her mother [Paige Turco], on Bellamy [Bob Morley], on Raven [Lindsey Morgan] and even Murphy [Richard Harmon]," Taylor says.

The CW announces finale dates for all your favorites

Because of Clarke's willingness to share the burden this season, that means fans shouldn't expect the season to end with a solo Clarke pushing a button or pulling a lever to save the day. "It's going to be really different for Clarke in unspeakable ways," the actress teases. "I think fans are going to love the ending. This has been my favorite ending to a season yet. It's really cool."


The 100's Eliza Taylor Preps Fans for an "Intense," Different Finale

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THE 100

PRE-FINALE: Though most of your favorites will survive the impending “death wave” — which arrives in 10 days! — executive producer Jason Rothenberg says we should prepare to say goodbye to at least one more character this season: “The stakes are real. If they weren’t, the show wouldn’t be as emotionally involving for people.” In the meantime, Clarke will attempt to “figure out who gets to go inside” the bunker, which fits roughly 1,200 people; Bellamy will continue working through his “crisis of faith,” desperate to find “a way out of the darkness”; and Octavia’s journey is “about to go into orbit. It’s crazy what we’re about to see from her.” As for Becca, “These people have been in her house and her lab, and she might not be happy about that — you know, if she was still alive.”

SEASON FINALE (MAY 24): “The finale unfolds almost in real time,” Rothenberg reveals. “The season has been constructed around the idea that the clock starts ticking in the premiere … and when the finale starts, we’re at the 44-minute mark. The click is ticking loudly. It’s breathless.”


May Sweeps Preview and Finale Spoilers

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Raven can officially add “martyr” to her incredibly long list of accomplishments.

When The 100 returns on Wednesday (The CW, 9/8c), Arkadia’s resident tech genius is “definitely at her lowest point yet,” actress Lindsey Morgan tells TVLine. “Her brain is deteriorating at a rapid rate because she’s using it so much. In trying to save everyone, she’s basically killing herself.”

It’s a frightening experience for Raven, though Morgan insists her own experience with the storyline also proved to be… emotional.

“Let’s just say I had plenty of crew members pull me aside and tell me how much they’re going to miss me,” Morgan says. “It was very frightening, very shocking. But what can she do? Her brain is deteriorating. She’s either going to be a vegetable with complete brain damage for the rest of her life, or she’s going to die.”

As The CW recently revealed in photos, Raven comes face to face — or at least mind to mind — with Becca in Wednesday’s episode, a reunion Morgan finds very interesting.

“It’s funny, even as scientific and logical as she may be as a woman, you’ll be surprised to see what her mind manifests when it’s pushed to the limit,” she says. “It’s a treat, actually, and I’d say Becca isn’t the only one visiting Raven.”


The 100 Star Talks Raven's New Low: 'She's Basically Killing Herself'

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The CW network has released a producer’s preview for episode #411 of The 100, which you can check out below. The installment, titled “The Other Side,” is officially described as follows:

HENRY IAN CUSICK DIRECTS THE EPISODE — Clarke (Eliza Taylor) faces the consequences of her fateful choice. Bob Morley, Paige Turco, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick, Lindsey Morgan, Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon, Zach McGowan, Isaiah Washington and Henry Ian Cusick also star.

“Clarke did what Clarke thought she had to do and so now she needs to live with that decision,” EP Jason Rothenberg previews. “She can’t just open the door and change her mind, because if she does, then the Grounders come in and kill all of Skaikru.

“It’s a Clarke versus Bellamy in a way we’ve never seen before.”

The 100 “The Other Side” was directed by Henry Ian Cusick and written by Julie Benson & Shawna Benson. The episode airs Wednesday, May 10, at 9pm on The CW.


“The 100” Boss Jason Rothenberg Previews “The Other Side” in Inside Look

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So I'm starting to think the leaked scripts may be true after all... it makes sense 100 people get the bunker and Clarke and a handful figure out how to rig the rocket to live in space for the 5 years? Some of the Ark is still up there, right?   Next season has to be a time jump, I'd think...

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On 2017-05-11 at 10:37 PM, roctavia said:

So I'm starting to think the leaked scripts may be true after all... it makes sense 100 people get the bunker and Clarke and a handful figure out how to rig the rocket to live in space for the 5 years? Some of the Ark is still up there, right?   

I wouldn't say it makes sense, but the writing will take it there regardless. I can't think of a less exciting premise (since nuclear apocalypse was already covered... twice). When I first read the leaks, I was hoping that it was just a play on everone's wishful thinking of returning to space. Guess the parallels (repetition) were just too tempting.

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Clarke is one of the good guys ??  Uh, how about no.

And now they can measure the death wave arrival in hours.  Hours ?? How ?  Do they have a primefiya-o-mometer hidden somewhere ?

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On Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 2:23 AM, CooperTV said:

This is like, the most spoiler-y trailer for a season finale. EVER!


So that shot of Clarke outside with the vegetation is totally in the future, right? Her waiting for a signal from space or something...

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3 hours ago, roctavia said:

So that shot of Clarke outside with the vegetation is totally in the future, right? Her waiting for a signal from space or something...

I think so, yeah. That image fits with the leaked spoilers of the season finale.

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There is always something special about Rothenberg’s episodes, and this one is no exception. Action-packed as the the finale is, it is ultimately about the characters and their relationships with each other, chock full of personality and memorable dialogue.

There’s a fresh energy and a sense of playfulness to the episode, perhaps brought on by the adrenaline of knowing that this time, it really is their final chance for survival. There are no more ‘only choices,’ and they all know it. Clarke, especially, displays a sense of self-awareness we haven’t seen from her in a long time.

Fans will really be able to feel the deep history between the core group of characters, which guides every decision they make; there isn’t time for everything — the episode is definitely delinquent-centric — but none of the episode’s key players or dynamics feel short-changed in this heartfelt, emotional and surprisingly nostalgic finale that reads like a love letter to the show as a whole.

Even if you haven’t been watching this season of The 100 on a week-to-week basis, this is one episode you absolutely cannot miss. “Praimfaya” will reward and thrill its core audience, while also offering several exciting reasons for casual fans to tune back in for season 5.

Here are five teasers to give you an idea of why you absolutely must watch ‘The 100’ season 4 finale, ‘Praimfaya’

  • The episode introduces an exciting new dynamic between two unlikely characters.
  • Bellamy is the emotional glue that holds it all together.
  • Keep an eye and an ear out for the episode’s multiple season 1 references, some more obvious than others.
  • After watching the episode, there should be no question about which relationships are ultimately at the heart of this story.
  • Like all the best season finales, “Praimfaya” is an ending and a beginning all at once, and will leave us with so much to think and theorize about during the hiatus.

Previewing the game-changing ‘The 100’ season 4 finale ‘Praimfaya’

Edited by CooperTV

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Shouldn't it be called Secondfiya or something else --because Praimfiya which is likely derived from the words 'prime' and 'fire' was about the first time this happened.  And now this is the second time it is happening.

Sure, launching a 97 year old spaceship that has had no maintenance in the first 96.9 years should be just fine to go into space.

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1 hour ago, ottoDbusdriver said:

Sure, launching a 97 year old spaceship that has had no maintenance in the first 96.9 years should be just fine to go into space.

But "hard" and "controversial" moral choices! And contrived character drama! And shock value deaths! I don't believe you would criticize these plot holes when everything else on this show is so great! /sarcasm

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A bunch of interviews with Jason Rothenberg were released after the season 4 finale. To make it easier for you here is a master post of the important bits and pieces in regards to season 5.

Under a read more due to length.

Tasya Teles got promoted to series regular (x)

Isaiah Washington not returning as series regular for s5 (x)

“You can expect real changes. To me, that’ll be part of the fun of it, putting Clarke and Bellamy back together when Bellamy has been a leader in his own right, if that’s his story, for six years on the Ark. Likewise, Octavia and Bellamy coming back together when she’s been forced to lead in a way that may or may not be something he approves of by the time they come back together. I think it’ll be fascinating and that’s the challenge for us, creatively, to have them feel like the same people, understand how they got that way, perhaps by including some flashback storytelling into the six year time gap, and keeping it fresh moving forward.” - Jason Rothenberg  [IGN]

"Madi – and that’s spelled M A D I – is in the area that we find Clarke in, above that green valley. We will tell the story of how that valley survives. [Clarke] says “This is the only patch of green on the planet. The rest of the world basically sucks,” from what she’s seen. She’s been journeying. She’s been scavenging. When we find her in Season 5, we will flash back and tell the story of how she made it.” - Jason Rothenberg [IGN]

“There is no question that Clarke is bonded, parentally, to that child now. I think it’ll be really fascinating to see how that changes her going forward in every day and how her decision-making as a leader will be affected by the fact that she now has a child. Parents perspective shifts in an instant. Your priorities shift in an instant. Clarke will now have to face some choices that put Madi on one side and her friends and her people on the other. What is she going to do if the choice is not the right choice for both?” - Jason Rothenberg [IGN]

After four seasons on the ground, “The 100” has returned to space, and it will stay there for the time being. “That’s not to say they’ll stay up there for long, but they’re certainly starting the next season up there,” showrunner Jason Rothenberg told TheWrap of early Season 5 plans. [TheWrap]

“You’ll have to wait for Season 5 to see who is in fact on that ship, but it is not Bellamy and Raven,” Rothenberg confirmed. [TheWrap]

Someone who probably did indeed survive is Octavia, who Rothenberg teased will have a brand new look when we see her in Season 5, meaning, she won’t still be donning the grounder commander’s traditional look as last we saw her. “Symbols are important to grounders and it was important, in that room, to see that they have a commander. I think we’ll play in Season 5 with what that means,” Rothenberg said. “How does she look five years from now? I think that will be a big new look for the show when we see her. It won’t be what we saw in the finale. She’s going to evolve over the six years.” [TheWrap]

“When we go into the ring in season 5 and we see how Bellamy and Raven and Monty and the others have made it, we’ll be very surprised by what we find up there. Ultimately, we’ll want to tell some of the story of how it happened. And flashbacks are part of the DNA of the show, too, so it’s not like we’re like, “Oh, we’re going to do flashbacks for the first time.” We always do flashbacks!” - Jason Rothenberg [EW]

“Imagine if what’s right for Madi is not what’s right for Bellamy and/or Octavia and her people — what does Clarke do? Her “people” has now expanded to include just this one person, like a parent really. When you have kids, that’s what happens: Your priorities shift instantly. I think it will be really awesome to see how Clarke has changed. She and Abby will have a new understanding of each other based on it. It’s some new terrain for Clarke for sure” - Jason Rothenberg [EW]

“We’ll definitely consider seeing some of that in flashback, too. But really, the point of a time jump is to see how things have changed, and to try to fill in the blanks hopefully in a way that makes sense going forward, not going backward.” - Jason Rothenberg [THR]

“And so relationships will change, alliances will change, will they be the same when they come back together in season five? It’s like in life when you go away for a long time and then you see somebody who you used to love or used to know and they’re so different, you know. That’ll be part of the fun in season five.” - Jason Rothenberg [eonline]

“I feel like when [Octavia] and Bellamy come back together, they’re going to be very different people and obviously they’ll be incredibly emotional and excited to see each other, but I think quickly we’ll have to unpack what they now are and who they now are, and how that affects the other.” - Jason Rothenberg [eonline]

“Sometimes you make decisions about life and death of characters based on outside factors — actors’ contracts, or actors who want to do different things. That would be the only reason that we would ever find out a character died in a time jump without actually seeing that story,” he says. “I would never want to tell a story of an important character dying without seeing it, unless it was sort of out of my control. So my answer to that is that everyone who was alive at the end of this season will still be alive at the beginning of next season, probably. Probably.” - Jason Rothenberg [eonline]

“Well, it’s not her biological daughter, but what we’ll see in Season 5 is that this relationship is hugely important for Clarke. She’s a Nightblood named Maddie, and she’s been with her for five years. They are, for all intents and purposes, bonded the way a mother and daughter would be” - Jason Rothenberg [TVLine]

“There actually were Easter eggs planted throughout season four about that ship, so really diehard fans have noticed those things,” Rothenberg says. “I won’t point to them because I want people to have to watch closely to pick those things out, but they’re definitely presenting as a threat. But you know, it’s The 100, so we try and have even our bad guys have a perspective that we want the audience to eventually understand where they’re coming from so they’re not sort of just cartoon villains, you know. So it’s a pretty safe bet I think that we’ll find a range of characters among that population of prisoners who return to the earth.”  - Jason Rothenberg [eonline]


What We Know of Season 5 via The 100 News on Tumblr

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Oooh colors! Also, Monty looks really good with shorter hair. Bellamy's look, on the other hand, isn't as appealing. Hopefully, he cuts his hair and shaves. Bit of a bummer most of the girls look exactly the same as in season 4. It's a small thing, but I love it when characters get new hairstyles and wardrobes in between seasons. 

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This is the spoiler topic. Spoiler tags are redundant here, please don’t use them. 

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