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2 hours ago, Tatum said:

I was completely disgusted with him during the season where Vinny ripped off Mandi's top, and Vinny is whining to Mark about how it's not that big of a deal and he shouldn't be kicked off the show. Mark says something like, well, I didn't see it, so I'm not going to judge, but...

Mandi wasn't Vinny's only female victim either.   He was booted from the show, and rightly so,  but so was Sarah, who had done nothing wrong except being partnered with him.

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2 minutes ago, millennium said:

Mandi wasn't Vinny's only female victim either.   He was booted from the show, and rightly so,  but so was Sarah, who had done nothing wrong except being partnered with him.

If I recall, most of the cast was pretty sympathetic to Sarah at least, but no one really seemed that concerned with Mandi, which I thought was just awful.

Mark bugged me because he couldn't just pick a side. He didn't want to be too supportive of Vinny, lest people rally around Mandi and he looks like a sex offender apologist, but he didn't want to come down on Vinny either, lest the consensus be that it was just a prank and that Mandi overreacted and really should learn to take a joke, and now he looks like a "hysterical woman" apologist.

So, he stuck with the facts (Vinny said it was a joke, the rules say you can't do that) while appearing to be at least somewhat sympathetic to Vinny getting kicked off, at least to his face.

When Vinny was saying that it was just a joke, Mark should have said, I'm sorry, what exactly is the funny part of you walking up to a woman and ripping her top open? But then he might have been kicked out of the bro group.

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12 hours ago, jsm1125 said:

I know almost none of the viewers give a shit about Mandi, but it always left a bad taste in my mouth that her final episode on this series was the same one where her top got ripped off 

Oh I didn't realize that. It may not be connected, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was. Mandi was so upset when that happened, she was crying, and when she confronted Vinny, his response was to say she was barely wearing a shirt in the first place. In other words, she asked for it, right? If Vinny apologized, they did not show it. Sarah and Wes were the only ones to directly confront Vinny, and Sarah likely only did it because she knew she was going to face the consequences of Vinny's actions as well. Everyone else was nice to Mandi's face, and supportive in their talking heads, but no one wanted to tell Vinny how out of line he was. I think that was probably even more upsetting to Mandi.

I think in cases like that, the perpetrator should be immediately removed from the situation. The production company can complete an investigation but Vinny should have been escorted out of the club and not allowed to return until it's clear what happened. He should not be allowed to hang out and continue to insult Mandi.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I got a good chuckle today watching ep.14 of Dirty 30 with the captions on.  Usually the captions just include the dialogue, but I think that whoever did them was not a fan of Cara Maria because they included (whining) as a descriptor during her fight with Jordan.  Hilarious and apt.

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