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S02.E10: Palindrome

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The casting for this show continues to blow me away. Like last season the number of people who could carry shows on their own or have carried shows on their own who get like supporting roles is crazy. Nick Offerman was in like 3 episodes, Bruce Campbell one and Brad Garrett got killed off before the half way point. And as I seem to say in every show I see where Cristin Milioti shows up, why the hell hasn't someone given her, her own show.

As much as I liked this show I am not sure how sold I am on Hanzee's ending other than it being a gag. Even 20+ years later I am not sure I buy him going from total badass to lazy enough and not paying attention enough where Malvo can just walk in and shoot him.

Mike's ending seemed weird too. He seemed like Joe Bulo's second in command. But Joe wasn't working in a crappy office so why didn't Mike get his job.

Also I should have known that Peggy was hallucinating the smoke since the fans on those coolers usually just recirculate the air inside and aren't connected to ducting from somewhere else.

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