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On 7/29/2018 at 7:30 PM, peeayebee said:

I really wanted to hear more from Mike Schur. He's always interesting and thoughtful. I wanted to hear less from Whitney Cummings and Amy Sherman-Palladino. They dominated the conversation and were the least interesting people for me.

I gotta blame the moderator for that one.  Lacey should've directed less questions to WC & AS-P and more to the reserved MS.

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16 hours ago, sugarbaker design said:

I gotta blame the moderator for that one.

You might want to blame the editor instead. These conversations go on for hours. What gets included is down to the cutters.

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On 7/15/2018 at 2:44 PM, attica said:

This is the second cycle in a row where I've found the men's conversations dull and formless, in stark contrast to the women's,  which are so smart and engaging. 

I did not know about how common the practice of using prothetics to prevent men from having to do full frontal is. It kind of pisses me off! Men are so protected, even when they have all the power. The best women can hope for is to have footage approval. And maybe a merkin. (And it is especially galling when one considers how quick dudes are to show you their dicks when they're meeting with you privately in hotel rooms to talk deals...)

Making the comparison between skeevy executives showing their doing and actors on set seems to be an odd one to me.

It's different with guys because it's two different areas of the body. If they are aroused it's considered pornagraphic. They want the right size because if too much of one size, it's distracting. Bruce Willis, for example, showed his penis in the color of night but they replaced those shots with another guy because it wasn't big enough. Actresses may not want a exposed penis around why they are shooting scenes. Lots a reasons for prosthetics.

On a side note, I find it funny how every moderator is deemed the worst. The guy who does most of the movie roundtables gets crapped on all the time too. 

I have to imagine it's just hard doing these things. There is only so many questions you can ask that would inspire everyone to speak. Not everyone is super talkative. Some are more opinionated or vocal. I don't judge the moderator or any of the panelists for this stuff. It's difficult around. I just enjoy the time I have with these performers in a far less put upon/more natural setting.

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There's a new round going this winter.  Last week was Directors (I think? maybe producers).  Today is Actors.  

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I didn't look hard enuf for this forum -- or thread, actually -- after last week's ep (directors), but I just watched the actors ep from yesterday and found myself here.

I really enjoyed this one. At first I was worried that Hugh Jackman would be an overbearing bore. I don't usually feel that way about him, but I guess the first thing he was talking about -- the Gary Hart movie -- just wasn't all that interesting to me. Or how he talked about it. I don't know. I would like to see the film, but something about how he spoke just put me off. However, after that I did find him engaging.

And everyone else was, too. It was interesting hearing Viggo and Mahershala talk about how they prepared for the movie. Richard E Grant is so fun to listen to. (I have to see his movie.) I just thought everyone had perceptive and often unique things to say.

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