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S07.E08: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

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Also, If  I were Caroline I would be furious over this violation of my body and would terminate the pregnancy. She's probably less than 20 weeks, no? The twins' thalamus and neocortex are not fully formed or functioning yet. She could do it herself and heal immediately after. I know this is not going to happen because the actress is pregnant in real life. So, of course, she'll see it as a chance to experience motherhood, something, as a vampire, she wouldn't otherwise. But Rick and everybody's expectation that she'll carry the pregnancy to term, no questions if she wants to? I mean it's just her body, yo, no big deal. I also consider Valerie the victim of the forced abortion, she was very early in the pregnancy, right? She lost the potential person that was forming inside of her and that she wanted very much, but her murder of Oscar is not justified, however. It's only treated as such because killing vampires not part of the cast it's considered a-ok, see Kol and his entire sire line, killed by our heroes so they could get the cure already. 

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