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S09.E22: Live Top 10 Performances

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As for Gwen, she looked lovely, but I don't "get" her appeal as a singer--


Gwen was stunning - I adored her look in that little black dress. However, her performance was atrocious, and I felt second hand embarrassment.  I do not understand why she is a star, even though she seems like a perfectly nice person.  I guess the upside is I now have a little more respect for Shakira as a singer.

Thanks to all for listing the I-tune rankings...


#2 Jordan - Hallelujah - did nothing for me, although I concede that little run was impressive.


#3 Barrett Baber - I’d Just Love To Lay You Down - all I could think of was, please, Barrett, go get a room.  Followed by, "poor Barrett's wife".  Also, I cannot watch him sing and I cannot shake the feeling that he would crash and burn if he tried to be commercial.  I guess I-tunes is saying something else.  I don't get it.


#4 Madi Davis - Girls Just Want To Have Fun - this version was weird and I liked it for that reason.  I probably gave it extra points because I never liked Lauper's version.

#5 Emily Ann Roberts - She’s Got You - First of all, I love Patsy Cline and Emily Ann is no Patsy Cline.  Emily Ann's approach was so different, I ended up thinking and if you didn't know the original, it probably was ok.  I kept waiting for her to mess up, but her voice was surprisingly strong and unwavering, and she delivered what I thought she was going for.  She needs to take a lesson on dynamics, but I think she has improved a lot.  Bottom line : I think Emily Ann has a lot of raw talent, could eventually be something someday, and is punching far above her current weight right now.  But, good for her, she and Blake are putting a good face on it.

#7 Jeffery Austin - Jealous - Sigh.  Jeffery is to The Voice what Elliott was to American Idol.(in the McPhee season?)  I suppose his voice is fantastic - people seem to say so.  He doesn't move me at all.

#9 Amy Vachal - Bye Bye Bye - This was my favorite of the night.  I got a real kick out of how different this was and thought Amy was much more confident.  Honestly, Amy and Madi are the only ones I consistently enjoy this season.

#10 Shelby Brown - Go Rest High On That Mountain - She did a good job but I'm partial to that song.  Objectively, I don't think she's remarkable.  In this field, however, she deserves to stay.

#20 Zach Seabaugh - Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Pretty mediocre for me.  Zach has a winning personality, and I enjoy him, but he is filling the role of generic young guy with charisma this season.  I still miss Viktor, who I thought could sing rings around Zach and Braiden.

#29 Korin Bukowski - Same Old Love - I like Korin and I liked her delivery of this song.  However, I don't know the song or Selena Gomez well enough to remember the song too well.  She did well, and I would rather have her stay than Barrett, Jeffery, and Zach, but I don't think that was strong enough.

(Braiden did not even make the Top 100) - Braiden is making the most of his time, which I respect.  He's getting a lot better.  For that reason alone, it's sort of nice to watch him, but I still don't think he should be where he is, so it's hard for me to support him.

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