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Beauty And The Beast [2012]

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So at the trap / "meth lab", Cat and her new partner arrive, and then based on the exterior of the building (?), Cat concludes it is indeed a trap and sends partner off for back up? Why wait till then? She had all the same info from the time he tracked down the meth lab address.

The whole innocents thing is driving me nuts, but at least Vincent got to kill someone without a huge guilt trip from Cat. Not sure how I feel about the season 1 flashbacks. They kind of made me want to turn off the episode and go watch the first season instead. I still like the leads, but sheesh the writers make it hard to enjoy this show.

Finally, I was really hoping that Bob and Carol had somehow set up the counselor and that all of his advice would turn out to have been an attempt to separate them.

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What are people's favorite episodes...? I gather the consensus favorite season is the first one?! I recently saw the pilot and liked it a lot more than I expected, but it sounds like I should prepare myself for some disappointment if I keep watching the series :) 

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Well, as you can tell by the lack of responses considering the shows is currently airing new episodes- most of the fans have fled.  I'm in until the bitter end (and not just because I mod this thread.  lol), but the show lost a lot of it's spark over the seasons.

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I've been watching this continuously from the beginning, even though I'm not entirely sure why.  With the way the comments have fallen off entirely, I doubt anyone will really read this, but here are my thoughts on the series finale anyway:

  • The way everyone (Heather, JT) got so angry when Kat and Vincent were wrapping things up, knowing they were going to be on the run was absolutely ridiculous.  They knew that Kat and Vincent were going to have to disappear.  Heather, especially, made me mad.  My first thought was that they were going to fake their deaths, so having a will, etc, made perfect sense.
  • During the whole "car bomb" scene and the funeral I was not sad at all.  There was no way I believed they were going to kill them off.  No way.
  • Heather screaming "they're alive!" annoyed me.  Well, Heather annoys me, so that's no surprise.  But, if Kat and Vincent needed disguises, etc, after all of this then they are afraid someone could still be coming after them.  Which means the apartment could be bugged or other spy type of equipment being used so maybe don't scream "they're alive", Heather!!
  • And then, the scene in Paris- again, no secrecy.  Why are they even in hiding???

Anyway, au revoir Beauty and the Beast.

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It was a shame that the show ended with a weak finale.

Since there was no way that Cat nor Vincent would be killed off, I guess the shooting of Heather was supposed to have provided the suspense. But did any viewer really cared about what happened to her?

Still didn't like the Tess/JT pairing.

The positive thing about this finale was that TPTB had the good sense to bring this show to an end instead of trying to drag it on and on and on.

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S1 will always be my fav season. It was the perfect blend of romance, action, comedy and drama. It was compelling.

S2 went off track with Gabe as a LI. And I will never forgive them for Tori. But, I did like how they tried to make beasts a universal & yet local threat. It still was a good season, with a few wonky romantic parts.

I have very little to say about s3, it just wasn't that good. I lost interest, I still tuned in out of hope and loyalty. But I wasn't invested anymore. I feel like all the characters and relationships fell off track. I can't remember when JTnT started but s3 confirmed that I hated that romantic pairing. I also have no idea where they were going with the beasts because it felt like they were all over the place and scraping the bottom of the barrel for story ideas - which is just ridiculous.

S4 I think got back on track. I feel like the storytelling was tight and the characters/relationships were front & center in a good way. I think it was a decent ending to the series. I do wish the s1 showrunners could have come back because I think they had an innate interpretation and genuine talent for storytelling. The replacement showrunners just didn't know what story they wanted to tell and then took too long to figure it out, while causing too much damage to the show.

As for the finale death scene, consider me naive but I actually thought they might actually kill them off. I wasn't watching the length of the episode, so I had no idea how much time was left. But considering it was written as the series finale, I thought there might be a chance it was possible. In the end, I'm glad they didn't but I wasn't sure they survived that car crash.

As for Heather, I always loved her. I think the writers used her for a lot of plot exposition which is why she could become annoying. I definitely didn't enjoy that last scene in the apt. But overall, I was happy with her character.

As for the other characters, I loved them all and their group chemistry. I do think Vincat had a sexy and realistic chemistry. JTnT never should have happened, that seemed to be a lack of budget for other LIs. But overall, the characters were the best part of the show. And I will follow the actors to new projects because despite some wonky and weak writing, these actors proved they had talent.

I loved costume designer Catherine Ashton, she made for such an aesthetically pleasing and realistic show. I hope she gets many more projects.

Lastly, I love being part of the BATB Fanmily.  I didn't usually post here. I was part of another forum for most of the series. But the fanmily whether it be on a forum or social media was so welcoming and dedicated. I admire their ferocity. Because of the fans, this show got more lives than it probably would have without them.

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I started watching this a few days ago and am almost halfway through the first season. Catherine and Vincent have zero chemistry. I vaguely remember watching the original when I was little and these two can't compete. It's fine, tho, because I'm primarily watching for Kristin Kreuk (and her amazing fucking apartment). I do wish this show was about her character as a cop and not about her and Vincent as a couple because he's a total snooze and him dropping Catherine for Alex was predictable. (I'm currently watching the Valentine's Day episode and every single thing he does is a reason to just cut bait, lol. I think I might have shot him over the public spectacle with the dancers.) 

I've heard that Evan dies (goddammit) at the end of the season and that the show only gets worse from there (JT and Tess?!) so I imagine this will be the only season I watch. 

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