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2K15 Live Show 4: This Is How To Be A Heartbreaker

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Opening up the thread now. This week's theme is heartbreak. I'll post my thoughts whenever the videos go up. 


Edited to add that someone called her "Cheryl Nandos-Panini" in the comments section of the liveblog and I think this should be her new name.

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OOOOOH, there’s an a lemon nation tonight. That’s exciting news. You know, relatively. Look guys, this is all I’ve got. Let me have this.


Blardigan walks onstage and pretends to propose to Flack. Either that or he fell over and tried to eat her hand. PLUS: he said that someone would be ‘a lemmo tated’ tonight. Oh Blardigan.

Mason Noise now. I know his cousin, Y.R.U Stillhere. I know his cousin, Godyor Obnoxious. I know his cousin, Ihaytma Stupidjob.


Rita Ora doesn’t say that Louisa is 17. BOO RITA ORA, LEARN THE BLOODY RULES.


Right. Time to a lemmo nate someone. For god’s sake, nobody let Blardigan near a microphone.

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- Not too fond of Che's Yesterday cover, but it was unique and well-sung.

- Anton's was typical Anton, mild autism/hypersensitivity and all, but the judge's tiff at the end probably insured he'll stay until next week. Or at least it was intended to.

- Finally, 4th Impact's hyperprofessionalism to a fault & blandness is catching up with them. Won't get them eliminated this week... but it will.

- I'm not really familiar with Mariah Carey's repertoire, but Lauren's version kinda felt like a decent, solid karaoke version of whatever song that was. Nothing to write home about, really.

- I don't know it it was Mason's singing, or the awful, awful effect applied to his voice, but that performance felt like a bad karaoke cover.

- Louisa was typical Louisa. Can't they just cut this competition short, and give her the win, already, since she seems to be the chosen one ?

- That said, I would love to have Reggie n Bollie get to the finals, dodgy singing and all. They're just likeable.


As for tonight's elimination... eh. Weakest performance of the night, so...

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Che: It was not sung badly but I don't think this song did him any favors and the arrangement was poor. It seemed badly timed with the beat. Also, for such an emotional song, he went dead eyed again. With the emotion gone it was just dull. Che can do more from a performance standpoint and a vocal standpoint.

Anton: It wasn't the worst thing I've ever heard. But Anton has a way of singing that makes me wonder whether he can sing. Which is not a good thing. A good performer should put you at ease. You should have confidence in their abilities. Some nice moments but maybe all the jobs he's had have given him the equivalent of the "cabaret" and "cruise ship" and "pub" tics that they've complained about in other contestants.

4th Impact: What is this BS PR strategy? You want me to pity them until I like them? That's not how it works. They still don't know how to riff properly. There's power but it's rough and choppy. Riffs should be clean and smooth. Otherwise you're just sort of shouting out a bunch of notes instead of singing one note properly. Their growls sound strangled and tortured. Still somehow better than last week but that might just be because I really like this song.

Lauren Murray: I know Lauren moved out of the house or something like that. I got worried that it meant she was out of the competition but apparently not. This song didn't play to her strengths AT ALL. This smooth R&B patter/falsetto is completely wrong for her. What the hell, Rita? It only got a little better at the end when she could cut loose. BECAUSE IT WAS THE WRONG SONG. Even though she was stronger vocally, it sounded harsh and not sweet as it should sound.

Mason Noise: I actually like this song as bad as it is. This wasn't the worst but you took a song that Nick Jonas managed to make very slick and listenable and pair it with such a nasal, thin, whiny vocal that all the bad qualities of the lyrics come out. It's yet again proving how much Mason is not a player. He comes across as the creepy guy. The guy who has read too many books that give advice about "negging" women. The guy who splits his time between lame nightclubs and strip clubs.

Louisa Johnson: This was pretty much perfect. It was a bad week for everyone but Louisa. Maybe a touch more support for those lower notes so they would sound richer.

Reggie n Bollie: I forgot which one is Reggie and which one is Bollie again. Anyway, the little one who sings sounded rough this week. The tall one is great though. Like One Direction, I think this song was a little too bland for them but it was still fun. They're definitely easily in the top 3 of X Factor novelty acts.


My Rankings

1. Louisa

2. Che

3. Reggie n' Bollie

4. 4th Impact

5. Mason

6. Lauren

7. Anton


Are we sure it's too late to bring back Kiera or Seann?

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Louisa was typical Louise. Can't they just cut this competition short, and give her the win, already, since she seems to be the chosen one ?

The thing is, I don't think I like her any more than Ella Henderson or Janet Devlin. I miss having an act I genuinely like. And as "professional" as 4th Impact are, I still prefer past groups like Union J. This is just a weak season. There's no getting around it.

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